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Research Assessment Exercise Review

The following documents have been published following reviews of the RAE. Printed copies are available from HEFCE.

M 2/97 - Data Collection for the 1996 RAE (Professor Ewan Page) (April)

Reports the findings of a study undertaken by Professor Page for the HEFCE.

M 5/97 - Impact of the 1992 RAE on Institutional and Individual Behaviour in English Higher Education: the Evidence from a Research Project (May)

Report on a study conducted for the HEFCE in 1995 and 1996 by Professor Ian McNay of Anglia Polytechnic University. The study provides a range of perceptual and qualitative evidence which includes:
  • reports of focus groups of senior academics and administrators
  • vignettes of 33 institutions
  • staff surveys and surveys of heads of departments
  • reports of interviews with some users and funders of research.

M 6/97 - Impact of the 1992 RAE on higher education institutions in England (May)

Draws conclusions on the effects of the 1992 RAE based on evidence from the McNay study and from a study of selectivity conducted for the HEFCE by Segal, Quince and Wicksteed Ltd.

RAE96 1/97 - 1996 RAE Conduct of the Exercise: RAE Manager's Report (May)

Describes how the exercise was conducted and identifies practical issues which may require consideration in the planning of any future, similar exercise.