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Application to make a multiple submission

19 January 2000

Ref: RAE1/00

To: Heads of HEFCE Funded Institutions
Heads of SHEFC Funded Institutions
Heads of HEFCW Funded Institutions
Heads of DHFETE Funded Institutions


Dear Colleague

Research Assessment Exercise 2001: Multiple Submissions

1.  This circular explains how to apply for permission to make a multiple submission to a single Unit of Assessment (UoA) in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE).

2.  As indicated in the RAE 2001 Guidance on Submissions ( RAE 2/99), normally only one submission per UoA will be accepted from each higher education institution (HEI). In exceptional circumstances, however, the higher education funding bodies may give permission for a multiple submission to be made. HEIs should note that permission will be rare and that a single submission is expected in the great majority of cases.

3.  HEIs that wish to make a multiple submission to any UoA must apply for permission to do so using the application form provided with this circular. A separate application is required for each UoA to which a multiple submission is proposed. Applications must be submitted to the RAE Manager not later than Friday 3 March 2000. Save in the most exceptional and unforeseen circumstances, there will not be a further opportunity to apply for permission to make a multiple submission.

4.  The funding bodies will consider all applications received, and will announce their decisions by the end of April 2000 on which multiple submissions will be permitted. They will take advice from the relevant UoA Panel Chairs on the academic aspects of applications.

5.  In deciding whether to allow a multiple submission, the funding bodies will take into account:

  • the degree of academic distinctness between the proposed submissions
  • the structural distinction between the submitting units
  • the relative size and coherence of each of the proposed submissions.

6.  Permission is more likely to be given where an HEI contains, within the scope of a single UoA, two or more substantially distinct research units in divergent academic areas, each with their own coherent structure. The units should each be significant in size.

7.  HEIs that wish to discuss proposed multiple submissions should contact the RAE Manager, Dr John Rogers, at Northavon House, Bristol BS16 1QD; tel 0117 931 7237; email j.rogers@hefce.ac.uk. This circular and the accompanying form are available electronically on the RAE website at http://www.rae.ac.uk.

Yours sincerely

Dr John Rogers
RAE Manager

Direct Line: 0117 931 7237
Direct Fax: 0117 931 7476
Email: j.rogers@hefce.ac.uk

Download this letter and application form:

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