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Panel List

Joint Panel: Agriculture, Food Science and Technology and Veterinary Science

Professor Sir James Armour University of Glasgow
Panel Secretary
Mr Lee Sanders University of Warwick
Panel Members
Professor Michael Clarkson University of Liverpool
Professor Barry Dent Royal College of Agriculture
Professor David A Eisner University of Manchester
Professor John R Gill University of Wales, Aberystwyth
Professor Neil T Gorman Pedigree Masterfoods
Dr Ian Hunter INBAR
Professor David Ledward University of Reading
Professor Peter Lees Royal Veterinary College
Professor Jim Leslie Jim Leslie Associates Ltd
Professor Ian McConnell University of Cambridge
Professor Hugh Miller University of Edinburgh
Professor John D Oldham Scottish Agricultural College
Professor Jack Pearce Queen's University, Belfast
Professor Christopher J Pollock Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research
Professor David Richardson Nestle UK
Professor Christopher Ritson University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Professor Kenneth J Thomson University of Aberdeen
Professor T Michael A Wilson Horticultural Research International


Last updated 21 May 2002

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