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Panel List

Hospital-based Clinical Subjects

Professor Leszek Borysiewicz University of Wales College of Medicine
Panel Secretary
Ms Sarah McGuinness SHEFC
Mr Greg Williams HEFCE - Policy
Panel Members
Professor Michael Arthur University of Southampton
Professor Cliff Bailey DH Regional Director R & D
Professor David Barlow University of Oxford
Professor Andrew Bradley University of Cambridge
Professor Alastair Compston University of Cambridge
Professor Alan Craft Newcastle-upon-Type University
Professor Pierre Guillou Leeds University
Professor Christopher Haslett University of Edinburgh
Professor Peter Hutton Royal College of Anaesthetists
Professor Stanley Kaye Royal Marsden Hospital / Institute of Cancer Research
Professor Philip Poole-Wilson Imperial College
Professor Mark Walport Imperial College
Professor Anthony Weetman University of Sheffield
Dr Arthur White Scottish Executive Health Dept - Chief Scientists' Office
Professor Brian Worthington Nottingham University

There are four sub-panels within the panel structure of UoA 3.

These sub-panels operate in common with UoA 1 and will also be available to provide advice to UoA 2.


Last updated 21 May 2002

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