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Panel List


Professor Michael Prestwich University of Durham
Panel Secretary
Dr Andrew Fisher University of Hull
Panel Members
Professor Michael D Biddiss University of Reading
Professor William G Clarence-Smith (Tanaka) School of Oriental and Asian Studies
Professor M Anne Crowther University of Glasgow
Professor Martin Daunton University of Cambridge
Professor Adam Fairclough University of East Anglia
Professor Robert Fox University of Oxford
Professor John Gooch University of Leeds
Professor Howell Lloyd University of Hull
Professor Michael Lynch University of Edinburgh
Professor Frank O'Gorman University of Manchester
Professor Anthony Pollard University of Teesside
Professor Andrew N Porter King's College, London
Dr Alice Prochaska British Library
Professor James A Sharpe University of York
Professor Pauline Stafford University of Liverpool
Professor Christopher J Wrigley University of Nottingham


Last updated 21 May 2002

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