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Criteria and Working Methods


3.1 The deadline for the publication of statements of criteria and working methods is at the end of 1999. In order to meet this, it is anticipated that:

  1. Panels will generally meet once (or sometimes twice) to prepare a complete draft text in May/June 1999.
  2. The draft criteria will be circulated to the academic community for comment in July 1999. The consultation period will run from June to October.
  3. The Panel will meet in late October/early November to discuss the criteria in the light of comments received.
  4. The criteria and working methods should be complete by mid-November 1999. They will be published in December.

3.2 There will be time during this process for the RAE Team to consider, and if necessary seek legal advice on, the emerging pattern of criteria and working methods and the terms in which these are to be described

3.3 Co-ordination between panels covering cognate disciplines will be secured by arranging meetings of umbrella groups of panel Chairs and by facilitating inter-panel discussion wherever appropriate.

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Last updated 4 June 1999

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