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RAE Circular 2/00

Corrections to Assessment panelsí criteria and working methods


This document contains corrections to the details of the criteria and working methods which were published in RAE 5/99 Assessment Panels' criteria and working methods.

Enquiries about this circular or the conduct of the exercise should be addressed to the RAE Team. It would be helpful if enquiries could be channelled through institutionsí own nominated RAE contacts wherever possible.

Corrections to 5/99

The following panel's assessment criteria have been corrected. The text published in RAE 5/99 is superceded by the corrections below.

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering, UoA 29
  • Politics and International Studies, UoA 39
  • Iberian and Latin American Languages, UoA 55
  • Library and Information Management, UoA 61

This section contains only the paragraphs which have been amended with the revised text in bold. All other parts of the criteria remain as originally published.

3.22 Electrical and Electronic Engineering, UoA 29

Treatment of Evidence

3.22.7 The Panel will judge submissions on the basis of the following four measures:

Quality of cited research outputs(RA2).
Extent of postgraduate activity (RA3).
Evidence of esteem by external funders (RA4).
Evidence of standing and vitality of the department (RA5 and RA6).

Research Output (RA2)

3.22.10 The Panel expects to receive the following types of research outputs. (This list does not indicate a hierarchical order).

  1. Papers in academic or professional journals.

  2. Conference papers.

  3. Authored books.

  4. Chapters in books.

  5. Awarded patents.


3.22.21 The Panel also requests that departments consider the following list when making their returns (departments do not need to return information under every heading nor is this list exhaustive):

  1. Information about any difficulties caused by the institution's departmental structure and its relationship to the UoA framework.

  2. The nature and quality of the research infrastructure and special facilities, including facilities for research students.

  3. Any arrangements which are in place for supporting interdisciplinary of collaborative research.

  4. Relationships with industry and commerce or other research users and where appropriate the account taken of government policy initiatives and objectives.

  5. Any arrangements which are in place for developing the research of younger and/or new researchers and for integrating them into a wider, supportive research culture.

  6. The role and contribution of category A* staff who have joined the department.

  7. Information on how the departure of staff in categories A*, B and D has affected the strength, coherence and research culture of the department at the census date.

  8. Limitations and opportunities.

  9. Other information which the department considers to be relevant.


Evidence of Esteem

3.22.26 The Panel expects institutions to use this section to draw attention to instances of external recognition or items of particular note that indicate the department's international and national standing. This section should also be structured by research group and evidence of esteem provided for each group. Examples of such evidence are given below. Information need not be returned under every heading, nor is this list exhaustive.

  1. Published Work - Departments are asked to draw attention to evidence of excellence in their publications. For example:-

    1. Invited plenary addresses/keynote papers at major conferences of international standing.

    2. Invited review papers in journals or conferences.

    3. Award or premium winning publications.

    4. Influential papers, awarded patents or licences.

    5. Other items of importance.

3.31 Politics and International Studies, UoA 39


3.31.6 The Panel would normally expect researchers to cite four publications that reflect their best quality work over the period covered by the RAE, but recognises there may be less than four in certain circumstances, such as:

  1. New entrants

  2. Those engaged in the production of substantial monographs.

  3. Those researchers who make contributions defined under 3.31.36.

3.46 Iberian and Latin American Languages, UoA 55

Research Output (RA2)

3.46.10 The Panel has sought to give as comprehensive a list as possible but recognises that it is not exhaustive. The Panel makes no a priori assumption that any one category is worth more than any other and no ranking or weighting should be inferred from the order in which the categories are listed, which is alphabetical. Each item will be assessed on its individual merits.

  1. Academic journal articles, including review articles and articles in electronic journals

  2. Bibliographies* (to the extent that they embody research)

  3. Books - including:

    1. monographs

    2. scholarly editions

    3. dictionaries

    4. edited special issues of journals, or collections of essays, or proceedings of conferences, colloquia and symposia, with substantial research input on the part of the editor *

  4. Chapters in books - including:

    1. essays in collections

    2. contributions to conference proceedings

    3. contributions to Festschriften

  5. Creative writing* (to the extent that it embodies research).

  6. Short works - including:

    1. published lectures

    2. pamphlets

    3. dictionary entries

    4. encyclopaedia articles

    5. working papers

  7. Teaching materials* (to the extent that they embody research) - including:

    1. Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) material

    2. textbooks

    3. student guides

    4. readers

    5. source books

    6. language materials

  8. Translations* (to the extent that they embody research).

  9. Other categories* (to the extent that they embody research) - including:

    1. Higher Education pedagogic research in the discipline

    2. recorded performance

3.46.11 Where a submission cites any of the items starred (*) an indication should be given of how they embody research and of what research input was involved by providing a statement of no more than 300 words in the 'Other relevant details' field on RA2.

3.52 Library and Information Management, UoA 61

UoA Boundaries and Interdisciplinary Research

3.52.4 The Panel proposes to establish one sub-panel with the Computer Science Panel to assess information systems elements of submissions.

Last updated 24 May 2000

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