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RAE Circular 2/01

Research Assessment Exercise 2001: Briefing Notes


This document contains information on the series of briefing notes issued in preparation for the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise. It also reproduces the briefing notes.

Enquiries about this circular or the conduct of the exercise should be addressed to the RAE Team. It would be helpful if enquiries could be channelled through institutions’ own nominated RAE contacts wherever possible.

RAE Briefing Notes

1. The regulations governing the conduct of the RAE were published by the higher education funding bodies in May 1999 as 'RAE 2/99, Guidance on Submissions'. These were supplemented in December 1999 by a published volume of the criteria and working methods to be employed in the exercise by assessment panels, 'RAE 5/99 Assessment Panels' criteria and working methods'. These two publications together comprise the full and definitive statement of the regulations and procedures for the 2001 RAE.

2. To assist higher education institutions (HEIs) in preparing their RAE submissions, the RAE Team established two email enquiry lines. From experience of operating these enquiry lines it became apparent that some areas of the RAE process might benefit from fuller clarification and explanation. To meet this need a series of briefing notes was prepared and published.

3. The briefing notes do not change the published regulations. Rather they give further details on how the regulations operate and should be interpreted. For example, briefing note 1 explained how the regulations on research income relate to European funding. Some of the briefing notes give fuller explanations of new features of the RAE for 2001, such as note 3, Category A* staff and note 5, Confidential research outputs. Most are of general applicability but a few are specific to particular Units of Assessment. Briefing note 13, Language teaching materials in RAE submissions is an example of the latter category. In one case, note 9, Publication of RAE results, the opportunity was taken to give information not available elsewhere but which was of concern to many institutions.

4. There are a total of 15 briefing notes in the series. These are reproduced below in order to make them available as a bound collection.

Briefing Notes

Last updated 26 March 2001

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