RAE Circular 2/00

Guidance on Submissions


This circular provides information on the framework, administrative arrangements and data requirements for the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). The guidance should be read in conjunction with the statements of the criteria and working methods which will be employed by assessment panels. These will be published by the end of 1999. A formal invitation to make submissions for assessment will be issued to eligible higher education institutions (HEIs), together with software for the purpose, in summer 2000.

This circular contains the following sections:

  • Section 1:
  • - Overview of the Research Assessment Exercise
  • Section 2:
  • - The Rating Scale and Descriptions
  • Section 3:
  • - Information Requirements: notes and definitions
  • Section 4:
  • - a. Interdisciplinary Research
    - b. Joint Submissions
  • Section 5:
  • - Units of Assessment
  • Section 6:
  • - RAE Timetable

    Enquiries about this circular or the conduct of the exercise should be addressed to the RAE Team. It would be helpful if enquiries could be channelled through institutions’ own nominated RAE contacts wherever possible.

    Last updated 26 January 2001

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