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Section 5

Section 4 Research Outputs (RA2)

4.1 This form is used to record details about the research outputs produced by each individual category A, A* or C member of staff. A maximum of four outputs may be returned for category A and C staff and up to two outputs may be returned for category A* staff. Research outputs may not be returned for category B and D members of staff.

4.2 Each research output will be automatically assigned an output number of 1 up to 4. This number, which may only be seen in the spreadsheet view, is to be used as an output identifier. The ordering of publications is immaterial to the assessment of their quality.

4.3 Further information regarding the listing of research outputs may be found in briefing notes 4 Research Outputs and 5 Confidential Research Outputs.

4.4 The table below lists the information requirements for completing RA2.

1Staff reference numberCreate staff reference number for new staff (paragraph 3.2) or select member of staff if their details have already been entered.


(Input if creating a new staff record. Staff entries created in RA1 will be automatically available to be selected so that details of their research outputs may be entered (see 4.7-4.10).)

* Enter for new staff record

* Must only contain character input, that is letters 'a' to 'z' (either case), hyphen, space or apostrophe.



(New staff records only, see above)

* Enter for new staff.

* Must only contain character input (either case) and a blank space, or full stop.


Category of staff

(New staff records only, see above)

Enter for new staff record. Only categories A, A* and C may be entered as these are the categories for whom research outputs may be returned.

Enter the title of the research output.

* The default text font is Arial point 10.

* Right click on mouse to change the font style or size if this is required to enter the title accurately.

6Year of research outputRecord the year that the output was made publicly available, which must be between 1994 and 2000 inclusive for arts and humanities subjects (UoA 45-67) and between 1996 and 2000 inclusive for other subjects (UoA 1-45, 68 & 69).
7Type of research outputSelect the appropriate type of output or insert the code.
AAuthored book
BEdited book
CChapter in book
DJournal article
EConference contribution
FPatent/published patent application
HReport for external body
IConfidential report for external body
JInternet publication
KInternet publication (via subscription only)
QScholarly edition
ROther form of assessable output
8Research group

If appropriate, select/enter the research group that the research output is assigned to.

* If a member of staff is only assigned to one research group this field will automatically default to this group.

9Refer to sub-panel

Select either not to cross-refer or choose a sub-panel from the sub-panels available.

A list of the sub panels allowed for each UoA can be viewed in annex A.

10Co-authorsEnter the following details of any other authors or producers of the output.
1. Name the first co-author indicate whether they are external to the institution or a supervised author.
2. Name the second and third co-authors indicate whether external to institution
3. Give the number of any further co-authors

The supervised author field should be used when a research output is being listed against a research active member of staff who is NOT cited as an author but who supervised the person who produced the work. The person producing the work should be entered as first co-author.

* Co-author names can contain up to 50 characters including blank spaces, commas hyphens, full stops and apostrophes.

* A second co-author can only exist if a first co-author exists. Similarly, a third co-author can only exist if a second co-author exists.

11Name of journal, publisher, conference or venueEnter the name of the journal, publisher, conference or venue if applicable to the research output.
12URLEnter the URL address if applicable to the research output.
13Volume numberEnter the volume if applicable to the research output being processed.
14PaginationEnter the pagination if applicable to the research output.
15ISBN/ISSNEnter the ISBN/ISSN code where applicable. This must be a valid ISBN/ISSN code; that is to say it must be 10 or 8 digits long respectively (although the last character can be an X).
16Other relevant detailsAdditional brief relevant information may be entered. It is not expected that additional information is required for most outputs. This field should only be used under the following circumstances:
a. To include any specific additional information requested in the criteria of the panel to which the submission is being returned. In this case institutions should carefully consider the panels request and limit information to that required.
b. In the case of non-text outputs to give further information as to the present whereabouts of a work or to note that a photographic, electronic or other record exists.
c. To briefly describe the type of output when output type selected is "Other form of assessable output".
d. To explain the contribution made by the research active staff member to co-authored work when this is not apparent from the research output.
The other relevant details field may not be used to describe the research content or significance of the work, unless specifically requested in the panels' criteria, nor to volunteer opinions as to its relative quality.
17Panel specific informationThere are additional fields for Education (UoA 68) in which details of the prime audience of the output and an explanation of the theoretical and methodological approach used should be given.

4.5 Many details relating to the research outputs need to be entered in fields that are not clearly labelled and so guidance has been provided in the table below for entering information in unclear cases.

4.6 The table below gives guidance on research output information to be entered.

Type of outputTitleName of journal /publication/ conference/or venuePaginationVolumeOther relevant details
Authored BookTitlePublisherNumber of pages  
Edited bookTitlePublisherNumber of pages  
Chapter in bookTitle of chapter(s)Title of book followed by the publisher then the editor(s)Page numbers of chapter(s)  
Journal articleTitle of articleName of journalPage numbers of articleVolume number 
Conference contributionName of conference topicName/venue of conferenceNumber of pages Media of output if not published
Patent/published patent applicationPatent registration number followed by the title/brief description of patent design    
SoftwareName of softwareName of software house   
Report for external bodyTitlePublisherNumber of pages Commissioning body.
Process of commission
Confidential report for external bodyTitle Number of pages Commissioning body.
Process of commission
Internet publicationTitle of publicationName of journal Volume number 
Internet publication (via subscription)Title of publicationName of journal Volume number 
PerformanceTitle or brief description of performancePlace of performance  Media of output.
Opening and closing dates of the performance.
Documentation details e.g. Video, CD ROM
CompositionName of compositionBrief description of composition  Media of output.
Documentation details e.g. Video, CD ROM
DesignName of designBrief description of design  Media of output
ExhibitionName/title of exhibitionName/venue of exhibitionNumber of pieces exhibited Media of output
Opening and closing dates of the exhibition
Documentation details e.g. Catalogue, Video, Photographic record
ArtefactName of artefactBrief description of artefact and current location  Media of output
Documentation details e.g.
Photographic record
Scholarly editionTitlePublisher followed by the editor(s)Number of pages  
OtherTitleVenue  Specifics: eg media of output if not published


4.7 There are three wizard options for completing RA2.

Edit research outputs for a new member of staff

4.8 This choice is used to enter details about the first piece of research output to be returned for a new member of staff, i.e. a member of staff not previously entered on RA1 or RA2. The details of further research outputs must be entered using the Edit research outputs for an existing member of staff.

Edit research outputs for an existing member of staff

4.9 This facility is used to:

  1. enter research outputs for members of staff entered on RA1

  2. enter further research outputs for staff entered in wizard option 1

  3. make corrections to previously entered research outputs.

1StaffSelect member of staff whose research outputs are to be amended.
2Staff recordOption given to edit the name of the staff member and category of staff.

Alterations cannot be made to the staff reference number.

3Research output recordOption given to edit existing research output details or add new publication.
4Research output detailsFollows through the list of research output details from item 7.

Delete a research output

4.10 This facility is used to delete a research output for an existing member of staff.
1StaffSelect the record of the staff member whose research output is to be deleted.
2OutputSelect research output to delete and delete output.


4.11 The ordering of publications is immaterial to the assessment of their quality.

Last updated 1 March 2001

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