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Briefing Note 1

Research Income: European funding

1. This briefing note gives clarification on the guidance for returning EU income in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). There are a wide range of schemes through which the EU awards funds to HEIs, some of which are eligible to be returned within RAE submissions.

2. External research income data will be collected against the headings listed below which are defined under paragraph 3.54 detailed in the RAE 2001 Guidance on Submissions (RAE 2/99).

a.OST Research Councils et al g.UK Industry
b.AHRB h.EU government bodies
c.JIF i.EU other
d.JREI j.Other overseas
e.UK-based charities k.Other sources
f.UK central government bodies    

3. The category of 'EU government bodies' includes all research grant and contract income from all government bodies operating in the European Union (EU), including the EC but excluding the UK.

4. In general, money may be returned if it has been spent on a research (as defined by the RAE) project and if it was granted specifically for research, which needs to be evident either from the contract for the funding, or in the original application. Therefore some EUROPEAN STRUCTURAL FUND, EUROPEAN REGIONAL STRUCTURAL FUND and PHARE projects, or parts of them, may meet the criteria while SOCRATES ERASMUS, SOCRATES LINGUA, TEMPUS and similar grants are excluded from this return. European Social Funds (ESF) are generally excluded, but elements that particularly specify research, such as Objective 4, Priority 1, may be returned. In all cases only the funding relating to the research element of an award may be returned and not the entire grant.

5. Where an institution is acting as a co-ordinator for an EU award it should only include the funds that will be directly spent in that institution as one of the contractors for the award.

6. In respect of countries joining the EU during the assessment period income should only be included from the date of enrolment onwards; income received before the date of enrolment should be returned under 'other overseas'.

7. The category 'EU other' includes all research grants and contract income from all non-government bodies operating in the EU, excluding the UK. In respect of those countries joining the EU during the assessment period, income should only be included from the date of accession onwards - income received prior to the date of enrolment should be returned under 'other overseas'.

8. For further information please contact:

The RAE team,
Northavon House,
Bristol BS16 1QD

Email: rae@hefce.ac.uk

Last updated 9 April 2000

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