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Briefing Note 10

Joint Infrastructure Fund Research Assessment Exercise

1. This briefing note sets out the arrangements for returning grants from the Joint Infrastructure Fund (JIF) as research income in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). It should be read in conjunction with the RAE 2/99 Guidance on Submissions and RAE 5/99 - Assessment panels' criteria and working methods.

2. As stated in RAE 2/99, paragraph 3.54c, the proportion of grants awarded from the JIF provided from Office of Science and Technology (OST), Wellcome Trust or other non-funding council* funds may be included as research income in form RA4. JIF grants provided from HEFCE funds may not be included as this would produce an inconsistent indicator across the UK since SHEFC and HEFCW do not contribute to the JIF. Such awards may, however, be referred to in the textual part of submissions and will be taken fully into account by panels.

3. It is recognised that, although the overall proportional contribution to joint-funded grants from HEFCE/OST/Wellcome/other sources is known, the flow of funds may be different from this proportion over the lifetime of a grant. For example in some awards money will be provided initially by HEFCE only with the other partners providing funding at a later stage. For the purpose of RAE returns, however, expenditure on JIF grants may be returned in proportion to the overall contributions.

Example: A JIF grant is funded 70% by HEFCE and 30% by Wellcome. By the end of the assessment period (31 December 2000) only HEFCE funds have been received and spent by the institution(s) involved. The institution(s) may nevertheless return 30% of their expenditure to 31 December 2000 on RA4.

4. Where two or more institutions receive a JIF grant expenditure is often only incurred by the lead institution on behalf of the consortium. In these circumstances the other partners in the consortium would be disadvantaged by the normal RAE rules as they would not able to claim JIF expenditure as research income (see RAE 2/99, 3.53, 3.61 and 3.63).

5. The funding bodies have no consistent basis for dividing collaborative awards between the institutions concerned. Accordingly, institutions should agree between themselves the basis for dividing and returning their JIF expenditure. A brief written statement of the basis of agreement should be prepared and may be required by the RAE Team for the purpose of checking and verifying returns.

6. For further information please contact:

The RAE team,
Northavon House,
Bristol BS16 1QD

Email: rae@hefce.ac.uk

* Please note the addition of other non-funding council funds here. When RA2/99 was prepared the Wellcome Trust was the only such third party contributing to JIF but others have since become involved. This reference relates only to third party funds which form part of JIF grants.

Last updated 30 November 2000

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