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Briefing note 12

Assessment of Clinical Medicine: Sub-Panel Grades

1. This briefing note explains the use of grades produced by the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) sub-panels to Unit of Assessment (UoAs) 1, 2 and 3 in the assessment of Clinical Medicine. It should be read in conjunction with the RAE 2/99 Guidance on Submissions and RAE 5/99 - Assessment panels' criteria and working methods.

2. To assist them in their assessment work, the RAE Panels for UoA 1 Clinical Laboratory Sciences, UoA 2 Community Based Clinical Subjects and UoA 3 Hospital Based Clinical Subjects have established a range of sub-panels. Full details of the sub-panels and their operation may be found in RAE 5/99 3.1.4-3.1.7 (UoA 1), 3.2.5-3.2.8 (UoA 2), and 3.3.4-3.3.7 (UoA 3). Sub-panels will review and examine in detail research outputs referred to them.

3. Where material is referred to a sub-panel at the request of a submitting Higher Education Institution (HEI) the sub-panel will, as part of the advice it provides to the main panel concerned, suggest a grade. This will take the form of a rating point on the RAE scale (1 to 5*). Where material is referred to a sub-panel at the request of the main panel, no grade will be suggested. HEIs, therefore, have discretion over whether or not to seek sub-panel grading as part of the feedback on their submissions.

4. The main purpose of sub-panel grades is to flag relative areas of strength within overall submission grades. When confirmed by the main panel, sub-panel grades will be published along with whole submission grades.

5. Published sub-panel grades will take the form of a rating point (1 to 5*) and the full time equivalent (FTE) number of staff referred to the sub-panel. Since referral to sub-panels may be at the level of individual outputs, the calculation will assume a value of 0.25 (one quarter of the maximum permitted four outputs) for each output referred, which will be multiplied by the FTE for the member of staff, as supplied on Form RA1.

For example: A full time member of staff for whom three outputs are referred will have an FTE value of 0.75 FTE (0.25 x 3 x 1); a half time member of staff for whom two outputs are referred will have an FTE value of 0.25 FTE (0.25 x 2 x 0.5).

6. For further information please contact:

The RAE team,
Northavon House,
Bristol BS16 1QD

Email: rae@hefce.ac.uk

Last updated 30 November 2000

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