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Briefing Note 15

Mapping Textual Commentary onto the RAE Data Application

1. This briefing note gives guidance on how the information required in the textual commentary of RAE submissions can be mapped onto the RAE2001 Data application (RDA). In particular, it clarifies which sub-forms of the RDA should be used for particular pieces of information requested by assessment panels in their criteria statements. It should be read in conjunction with RAE 5/99 - Assessment panels' criteria and working methods.

2. The textual commentary of submissions should be entered in RDA forms RA5 and RA6. These forms are divided into headed sub-forms, (see below), each of which consists of a workspace which may be used to enter text. The two forms together are subject to an overall length limit (see paragraph 2.35 of RAE 5/99). The sub-forms are intended to be used as indicated below. However, use of any of the sub-forms is optional. For example, institutions need not use sub-forms RA6b, 6c or 6d if they do not wish to include comments under any or all of these headings. Similarly, details of research strategy may be included in sub-form RA5a if an institution does not wish to keep its future plans confidential.

Structure and Plans RA5

Structure and Plans RA5


Structure and environment & staffing policy (RA5a)

This section should include information requested under the headings of research structure and environment, staffing policy, and any additional observations in the panel criteria and working methods.


Research Strategy (RA5c)

This section should contain information on research strategy over the next five years.

Additional Observations RA6

1Evidence of esteem (RA6a)
2Individual staff circumstances (RA6b)
3Contributions by non research-active staff (RA6c)
4Additional information (RA6d)

3. The format of RDA form RA5 was changed from the originally proposed four sections to two sections in response to institutionsí concerns that the degree of segmentation presented an unnecessary constraint. Accordingly a free flow of text covering most of the RA5 issues including information relating to research activity, structure and staffing policy and any other information requirements stated in panelsí criteria should be entered in the sub-form RA5a Research structure and environment. Sub-form RA5c Research strategy should be used for material relating to future research strategy which institutions wish to keep confidential.

4. RDA form RA6 is divided into four sub-forms. Sub-form RA6a should be used to give evidence of esteem, RA6c to describe contributions to research by staff not selected as research-active and RA6d to enter any additional information asked for in the criteria of the relevant panel. Any personally sensitive confidential information should be entered in sub-form RA6b Individual staff circumstances.

5. In order to improve the openness of the RAE process it is intended that virtually all information submitted to the RAE in 2001 will be made available following the publication of the results, (RAE5/99 paragraph 1.26). This will be achieved through publication of submissions on the internet. However, there are some items of information that will not be made public due to their personal or commercial sensitivity. To ensure that this information is not made public sub-forms RA5c Research strategy and RA6b Individual staff circumstances have been designated as confidential and will be removed from submissions prior to publication.

6. Institutions are reminded that all information, other than future research plans, contained in RA5 and RA6 should relate to the assessment period, 1 January 1996 to 31 December 2000. For submissions in the Arts and Humanities, however, which contain research outputs produced in the period 1 January 1994 to 31 December 1996, comments relating to such outputs may be included in forms RA5 and RA6 as appropriate.

7. For further information please contact the RAE Team, at Northavon House, Bristol BS16 1QD; email rae@hefce.ac.uk. This briefing note is available electronically on the RAE website at http://www.rae.ac.uk.

9. For further information please contact:

The RAE team,
Northavon House,
Bristol BS16 1QD

Email: rae@hefce.ac.uk

Last updated 26 January 2001

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