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Briefing Note 2b

Research Studentships

1. This briefing note gives clarification on the guidance for returning research studentships in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) and should be read in conjunction with Briefing Note 2a Research Students and RAE 2001 Guidance on Submissions (RAE 2/99).

2. Details of research studentships should be returned on form RA3b of the RAE submission.

3. Details are required of the number of new studentships for fees at or above the Department for Education and Employment (DfEE) recommended amount held in the department in each of calendar years 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000 against various sources of studentship (the DfEE recommended amount refers to the Home/EC fee level). In Scotland the equivalent of the DfEE is the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS). Studentships for partial fees below the amount, for maintenance only, or for bench fees only, may not be included. Part-time students should have their studentship recorded provided that the support for fees is at or in excess of the DfEE recommended amount pro-rata to the full time equivalent (FTE). For the purposes of the studentship count each new studentship should be counted as one regardless of whether the student is full or part-time.

4. Each new studentship should be counted once only and placed against the calendar year in which it first started. An extension to the duration of a studentship or a change in source of studentship during the programme of study should not be regarded as new for the purpose of this return. If a student holds a studentship from more than one source in the first year the studentship should be split between the sources according to the contribution from each.

5. If a student is jointly supervised by members of staff being returned to different Units of Assessments (UoAs) the studentship should be split in exactly the same way as the student (Briefing note 2a: Research Students paragraph 8) which is to ensure consistency with both student and finance data.

6. Research studentships should be returned as the number (not FTE) held by postgraduate research students under the following headings:

  1. OST Research Councils et al - includes studentships awarded by Research Councils covered by the Office of Science and Technology, the British Academy, the Scottish Executive Enterprise and Lifelong Learning Department, the Scottish Executive Home Department, the Scottish Executive Health Department and the Department of Higher and Further Education, Training and Employment for Northern Ireland. It excludes research assistantships funded by Research Councils.

  2. AHRB - studentships awarded by the Arts and Humanities Research Board.

  3. UK-based charities - studentships awarded by charitable foundations, charitable trusts etc., based in the UK and registered with the Charities Commission, by exempt charities (except those specifically included under other headings) or by those recognised as charities by the Inland Revenue in Scotland.

  4. UK central government - includes studentships awarded by the British Council and the Overseas Development Administration.

  5. UK local authorities, health and hospital authorities.

  6. UK industry, commerce and public corporations.

  7. Institutional self-funded - includes studentships funded by institutions whether from grant or endowment income or from other sources.

  8. Overseas.

  9. Other - funded from any other source (with the source specified e.g. self-funded).

8. Self-funded students who are paying fees at the DfEE recommended amount may be returned under the research studentship heading "Other" with the source specified as self-funded.

9. For further information please contact:

The RAE team,
Northavon House,
Bristol BS16 1QD

Email: rae@hefce.ac.uk

Last updated 12 July 2000

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