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Briefing Note 6

Statistics and Operational Research, UoA 24: Textual Commentary

1. This briefing note gives guidance on how the information required in the textual commentary for RAE submission to UoA 24, Statistics and Operational Research maps onto the RAE2001 Data application (RDA). It should be read in conjunction with RAE 5/99 - Assessment panels' criteria and working methods.

2. The textual commentary is entered in forms RA5 and RA6. Forms RA5 and RA6 in the RDA are divided into headed sub-forms, (see below), each of which consists of a workspace which may be used to enter text. The two forms together are subject to an overall length limit (see paragraph 2.35 of RAE 5/99).

Structure and Plans RA5

1Research structure and environment (RA5a)
This section should include information on research activity, structure and environment, staff policy, and any additional observations as requested in the panel criteria and working methods.
2Research Strategy (RA5c)
This section should contain information on research strategy over the next five years.

Additional Observations RA6

1Evidence of esteem (RA6a)
2Individual staff circumstances (RA6b)
3Contributions by non research-active staff (RA6c)
4Additional information (RA6d)

3. In order to improve the openness of the RAE process it is intended that all information submitted to the RAE in 2001 will be made available following the publication of the results, (RAE5/99 paragraph 1.26). However, there are some items of information that will not be made public due to their personal or commercial sensitivity. To ensure that this information is not made public sub-forms RA5c Research Strategy and RA6b Individual Staff Circumstances have been designated as confidential and will be removed from submissions prior to publication.

4. Paragraph 3.17.22 of RAE 5/99 outlines the information requirements of the Statistics and Operational Research Panel for form RA5. Information relating to research activity, structure and staffing policy (3.17.22 a-k) should be entered in the sub-form Research structure and environment (RA5a). Information relating to Research Strategy (3.17.22 k & l) and any other confidential material to be submitted in RA5 should be entered in sub-form Research Strategy (RA5c).

5. Paragraph 3.17.22m invites institutions to make a brief self-assessment of the success of measures for promoting research (details of which are requested in 3.17.22c) and / or to comment on any proposals for future changes. These comments may be included in RA5a and/or RA5c as appropriate.

6. Paragraphs 3.17.23 to 3.17.30 of RAE 5/99 outline the requirements of the statistics and operational research panel for form RA6. The criteria request that an individual staff profile be provided for each research active member of staff.

7. Each staff profile should be split between RA6a, evidence of esteem, and RA6b, individual staff circumstances, depending on the nature of the information. Thus, the bulk of each profile should normally be included in RA6a with any personally sensitive information being included within a separate entry on RA6b. Forms RA6b need not be used unless required by the nature of the information submitted.

8. For further information please contact:

The RAE team,
Northavon House,
Bristol BS16 1QD

Email: rae@hefce.ac.uk

Last updated 30 November 2000

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