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20 April 2001

Ref: RAEjr714aj

To: RAE Contacts
c.c: Heads of HEFCE, SHEFC, HEFCW AND DHFETE funded institutions


Sourcing Research Outputs for Assessment

1. I am writing to give further information about the arrangements for the provision of research outputs listed in submissions for the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE).

2. Prior notice of the system to be used by the RAE to request outputs from institutions was given in a letter entitled 'Sourcing Research Outputs for Assessment' (Ref: RAEjr546sw). As stated in that letter all requests or outputs will be made through the RAE Team who will email institutions using the RAE contact email or the institutionís designated sourcing email address.

3. Institutions must supply (or, where this is not feasible because of the nature of the output, arrange access to) any research output which is listed on form RA2 of their RAE submission(s). Any output requested must be received by the RAE Team within three working days of the request being made. If, for any reason, outputs are not supplied within this period they will be discounted automatically from the assessment.

4. Please note that outputs may be requested at any time from the 16 May until the end of October. All outputs will be returned to the institution by the end of 2001. It is anticipated that most outputs will only be requested once, however outputs which are returned before the end of the assessment may be requested again at a later date so institutions should ensure that all outputs remain easily accessible throughout the period.

5. On receipt of an output, an email acknowledgement will be sent to the institution by the RAE Outputs Team. In any case of non-receipt the institution will be informed and advised that the output has been disregarded. Such notification will be sent by email. If you are notified that an item has been disregarded but believe you have sent it, you should contact the Gillian Coles the RAE Research Outputs Supervisor g.coles@hefce.ac.uk without delay.

6. The RAE research output request system is a web application which in addition to sending email requests for outputs will also enable RAE Contacts to view the current research requests that have been made to their institution via the internet. The system has been design to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4, Netscape Navigator 4 and later versions of these browsers. The web address for this system is


and it can also be accessed from the 'Guidance for Panel Members' section of the RAE website at http://www.rae.ac.uk. In order to access this site you will need to log onto the system using the following username and password:

Username: XXX

Password: XXX

7. Guidance on how to access research output request information directly from the web application is available as a word document [38K].

8. Please note that you will always receive request for outputs by email, so you do not have to use the website. It is simply being provided as an additional facility.

9. For further information on the arrangements for sourcing research outputs please contact the RAE Team.

Yours sincerely

Dr John Rogers
RAE Manager
Direct line 0117 931 7237
Direct Fax 0117 931 7476
Email: j.rogers@hefce.ac.uk

Last updated 30 April 2001

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