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12th May 2000

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Dear Colleague

Research Assessment Exercise 2001: Survey of Submission Intentions

1. The purpose of this circular is to obtain information about the submission intentions of institutions in the 2001 RAE. The information will assist in the planning for the assessment process in 2001 and will help identify subject areas where the additional expertise of specialist advisers may be required.

2. It would be helpful if each institution would return a complete survey of submission intentions forms to the RAE Manager by 8th September 2000 stating whether or not it is intended that a submission will be made to each Unit of Assessment (UoA) and, if so, indicating:

  • the number (headcount) of staff to be returned as research active (Category A, A* or C).

  • whether or not the submission is to be cross-referred to other panels and if so the reasons for this.

  • the specialisms covered within the submission.

  • the languages research outputs are to be presented in if not in English or in one of the main languages stated in the language panels criteria (ref: RAE 5/99 Assessment Panels' Criteria and Working Methods).

  • whether or not research outputs are to be referred to a sub-panel and, if so, an estimate of the percentage of outputs to be referred. Institutions have the opportunity to request that research outputs are referred to any of the sub-panels associated with the UoA to which they are submitted. In addition to these sub-panels work may also be referred to the Development Studies Sub-panel which is hosted by the Geography Panel.

3. HEIs that wish to discuss the completion of this survey should contact Anita Jackson, at Northavon House, Bristol BS16 1QD; tel 0117 931 7260; email a.jackson@hefce.ac.uk. This circular and the accompanying forms are also available electronically on the RAE website at http://www.rae.ac.uk.

Yours sincerely

Dr John Rogers
RAE Manager
Direct line 0117 931 7237
Direct Fax 0117 931 7476
Email: j.rogers@hefce.ac.uk

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enc Submission Intentions Forms

Download this letter and submission intention forms:

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