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2001 Research Assessment Exercise

Unit of Assessment : 34 Town and Country Planning

Number of submissions: 28

 2001 Rating  Proportion of Staff Selected  Category A and A* Research Active Staff (FTE)  Flagged Research Groups 
Anglia Polytechnic University9.1  
University of Cambridge18.9  
University of Central England in Birmingham3b 6.3  
City University3a 7.0  
University of Gloucestershire14.0  
University of Leeds5* 19.8  
Leeds Metropolitan University3a 13.0  
University of Liverpool7.0  
Liverpool John Moores University3a 3.0  
Loughborough University3a 5.0  
University of Manchester12.6  
University of Newcastle11.0  
Oxford Brookes University26.0  
University of Reading19.6  
University of Sheffield13.0  
Sheffield Hallam University14.3  
South Bank University6.0  
University of West of England, Bristol3a 23.5  
University of Westminster3a 17.5  
University of Aberdeen16.0  
University of Dundee3b 5.5  
Edinburgh College of Art14.0  
University of Glasgow21.5  
Heriot-Watt University3a 4.0  
University of Strathclyde3a 9.6  
Swansea Institute of Higher Education2.0  
Cardiff University5* 33.2  
The Queen's University of Belfast3b 9.0  

Last updated 14 December 2001

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