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Summary of submission

Unit of assessment description and panel criteria

2001 Rating3a
Proportion of staff selectedC
Category A and A* Research Active Staff (FTE)6.00
Research assistants (FTE)0.00
Research students (FTE)0.50

Mandatory referrals
Unit of assessmentDetails
25 Computer Science We would like all parts of this submission relating to the Visual Modelling Group, with particular reference to RA2 and RA5 and 6, to be cross-referred to the Computer Science panel.

Select a form:

RA0: Staff summary
Research groups
RA1 and RA2: Staff and output details
RA3a: Research student details
RA3b: Research studentship details
RA4: Research income details
RA5a: Structure,environment and staffing policy
RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem
RA6d: Additional observations, Additional information

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