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Summary of submission

Unit of assessment description and panel criteria

2001 Rating5
Proportion of staff selectedC
Category A and A* Research Active Staff (FTE)19.50
Research assistants (FTE)0.80
Research students (FTE)8.50

Mandatory referrals
Unit of assessmentDetails
52 German, Dutch and Scandinavian Languages We request that the work of Professor R Görner, Dr H J Kelly-Holmes, Dr S Kirkbright, Dr J Mathias, Dr G Reershemius, Professor N B R Reeves, Dr C Schäffner and Dr U Schütte be referred to UoA 52, the German, Dutch and Scandinavian Languages Panel

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RA0: Staff summary
Research groups
RA1 and RA2: Staff and output details
RA3a: Research student details
RA3b: Research studentship details
RA4: Research income details
RA5a: Structure,environment and staffing policy
RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem
RA6d: Additional observations, Additional information

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