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RA0:Staff summary

Field descriptions

Unit of assessment

For a description see the UoA descriptions page.

Multiple submission

Normally there should only be one submission per UoA per institution. In exceptional circumstances, however, an institution may have been allowed to make more than one submission to the same UoA. Multiple submissions may be assigned the codes ‘A’ to ‘E’ as a maximum of five multiple submissions were defined for any submission.

Category A and A* staff

Category A staff are academic staff who were in post at the submitting institution on the census date who do not fall into the definition of category A*

Category A* staff are academic staff who transferred between eligible UK institutions in the period between 1 April 2000 and 30 March 2001 inclusive.

For further information about category A* staff, see Briefing note 3


Full-time equivalent (FTE) refers to the extent of the contracted duties of a member of staff at the census date, as compared to those of a typical full-time member of staff in the same category (e.g. academic). It does not take into account the length of time within the year for which he or she was employed nor the relative proportion of total contracted time spent on research.

FTE values are positive numbers expressed to two decimal places (e.g. 0.67), with a maximum of 1.00 FTE being assigned per member of staff.

Selected staff

Selected staff are ‘those individuals in or associated with a department who were actively engaged in research’, in the wider sense, at the census date (31 March 2001) or at some point from 1 January 1996 who were chosen to be submitted by institutions to the 2001 RAE.

Non-selected staff

These are academic staff that were not selected for the 2001 assessment

Postdoctoral and postgraduate research assistants

These are research assistants not selected for assessment.

Support staff

These are all research assistants, technicians, scientific and experimental officers and other research support staff returned were associated with at least one individual returned selected for assessment on the census date of 30 March 2001(Category A, A* or C).

The terms technician, scientific officer and experimental officer are generic terms and are related to local practice. Where an individual within these groups had a split role between teaching and research, only the FTE devoted to research was recorded. Where this was a minor part of their job description (less than 0.2 FTE) they have been omitted entirely.

Research support staff may include, for example, computing staff and others who were devoted wholly or largely to the support of research. They may not include departmental secretarial or administrative staff except where they are specifically employed wholly or largely for the support of research.

For more detailed information about the criteria, see the (RA0 and RA1) section of the Guidance on submissions (2/99)

Last updated 21 May 2002

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