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RA1 and RA2: Staff and output details

Staff name : Florence, P
Staff identifier : 182269
Outputs :

Differential Aesthetics
Location : Publisher: Ashgate Press, Aldershot/Burlington, USA etc.
Volume No : 
Pagination : 360
Year : 2000
ISBN/ISSN : 0-7546-1493-X
Co-authors : Co-editor Nicola Foster (external)
Type : Edited book
Output number : 1
Other details :  Editorial material includes General Introduction, plus introductions of each of 5 sections (45pp.). Volume designed as intervention in the field; most of the 14 essays are specially commissioned new material. Artists and scholars included from Africa, Australia, England, France, Hong Kong, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Malaysia Taiwan, and USA. 35 figures, 8 colour plates: eg. Sean Cubitt, Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger, Robyn Ferrell, Rosemary Betterton. Companion volume: 'Women's Philosophy Review' no. 25, 2000, Special Issue on Aesthetics (ISSN 1369 4324) 125pp. Additional essays, reports and reviews arising out of same research. Contributors include Margaret Whitford, Hilary Robinson.

Un coup de dÞs jamais n'abolira le hasard (Casting the Dice Once Never Will Abolish Chance)
Location : Oxford: Legenda - a publishing imprint of the European Humanities Research Centre.
Volume No : 
Pagination : 76
Year : 2000
ISBN/ISSN : 1-900755-49-1
Co-authors : Jason Whittaker
Type : Authored book
Output number : 2
Other details :  Poem by Stéphane Mallarmé spatially transposed onto CD Rom in the original French and in a new English translation by Florence. 5 accompanying essays by PF, one co-authored with Whittaker. CD-Rom aiming to investigate digital medium within research methodology. Concept and design of multimedia presentation by PF, programming and design by Jason Whittaker. Contains: Text and translation interactively presented in same space (one click changes language); 3 interactive 'movies' analysing visual textual dynamic; lithographic illustrations of text by Redon interactively presented to allow close analysis in positive and negative; animation of text to music; readings in English and French over text by PF and eminent French writers Prof Nicole Ward Jouve and Yves Bonnefoy. Individual early versions of essays also published as 'A 100 year old typographic experiment on CD-ROM' (with Jason Whittaker) in Livingston, Alan and Livingston, Isabella (eds) Point (special issue on Typography) no.8 Autumn/ Winter 1999/2000, also 'l'avenir qui sortira d'ici' in "Situating Mallarmé", eds. Kinloch and Millan, Pub. Peter Lang, Oxford/NY etc. 2000, 175-189. ISBN: 3-906766-18-7 and 'Virtuality avant la lettre' in Interrogating the Image (ed. Stephen Barker) University of California Press (forthcoming). www.ehrc.ox.ac.uk/legenda/b1900755491.html

Innovation, sex and spatial structure in visual and aural 
Location : U-B. Lagerroth, H. Lund and E. Hedling (eds) Interart Studies, Amsterdam/Atlanta GA, Editions Rodopi.
Volume No : 
Pagination :  253 - 266
Year : 1997
ISBN/ISSN : 90-420-0202-6
Type : Chapter in book
Output number : 3
Other details :  Contributors include: Stephen Greenblatt, Eric T. Haskell, Thomas Elsaesser. International collection of American and European essays including work by many of the main scholars in the field.

Barbara Hepworth. The word, the image and the tactile
Location : 'Text and Visuality'. Editions Rodopi, Amsterdam, Atlanta. Martin Heusser, Michèle Hannoosh, Charlotte Schoell-Glass and David Scott (eds.).
Volume No : 
Pagination : 271 - 282
Year : 1999
ISBN/ISSN : 9042007265
Type : Chapter in book
Output number : 4
Other details :  Contributors include: Mieke Bal, Renée Riese Hubert, John Dixon Hunt.

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