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RA1 and RA2: Staff and output details

Staff name : Cameron, N
Staff identifier : 192453
Outputs :

Tolbooths and Town Houses: Civic Architecture in Scotland to 1833
Location : Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland, The Stationery Office
Volume No : 
Pagination : 1 to 244
Year : 1996
ISBN/ISSN : 0 11 495799 1
Co-authors : Fisher, I (external)
Type : Authored book
Output number : 1
Other details :  A comprehensive review of the history of civic buildings in Scotland; Cameron was principal author of the entire book, which was edited by Ian Fisher. Reviewed by Deborah Mays in 'Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society', 42, 1998, pp.149-50: "...a welcome and immediately accessible mine of information answering a need which becomes more apparent as you read." "...the place of 'Tolbooths and Town-houses' as a reference volume is assured".

The Church in Scotland in the later 11th and 12th Centuries
Location : Church Archaeology: Research Directions for the Future, Council for British Archaeology, Research Report 104, York, Eds. Blair, J, & Pyrah, C
Volume No : 
Pagination : 42 to 46
Year : 1996
ISBN/ISSN : 1 872414 68 0
Type : Chapter in book
Output number : 2
Other details :  An overview of areas of research potential. Reviewed by David Miles in the 'Journal of the British Archaeological Association', CLI, 1998, pp.234-5

'The Romanesque Sculpture of Dunfermline Abbey:  Durham versus the Vicinal'
Location : Medieval Art and Architecture in the Diocese of St Andrews, British Archaeological Association conference transactions for the year 1986, XIV, Ed. Higgitt, J
Volume No : 
Pagination : 118 to 23
Year : 1994
ISBN/ISSN : 0 901286 43 5
Type : Chapter in book
Output number : 3
Other details :  This article proposes for the first time (i) the existence of a separate Scottish 'school' of Romanesque sculpture and (ii) that the south-east doorway of Dunfermline Abbey church was the work of a specialist mason from Durham Cathedral. Also in paperback, ISBN no. 0 901286 44 5

St Rule's Church, St Andrews, and early stone-built churches in Scotland
Location : Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
Volume No : 124
Pagination : 367 to 378
Year : 1994
ISBN/ISSN : 0081 1564
Type : Journal article
Output number : 4
Other details :  This article addresses the dating of the earliest surviving churches in Scotland including St Rule's Church, St Andrews, Brechin Round Tower, Abernethy Round Tower and Restenneth Priory. It counters previous assessments which propose a very late date for these buildings and proposes that they should be assigned to the 11th century.

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