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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

The following are in addition to normal academic work including membership of appropriate professional institutions, external examining, reviewing submitted journal articles and grant applications. Barratt [2]: Member and Hon Secretary of the RSC Chemical Consultancy Forum. Bissell [3]: Sarton Medal, University of Gent, 1997 (awarded annually in memory of George Sarton to recognise excellence in the history of science and technology). Associate Editor IEEE Control Systems Magazine (from 1999). Member of British Council Mission to India, March 2001, to investigate possible research and teaching opportunities for the UK in the telecommunications sector. Burnley [4]: Consultant to the Environment Agency’s National Waste Strategy Group. Member of the International Energy Agency’s Thermal Conversion of Waste expert working group (1995 - 1997). Director of Institute of Wastes Management Environmental Body. Member of editorial board of Institute of Wastes Management Journal. Frederickson [8]: Elected Research Director for the Composting Association in the UK in which role he has overall responsibility for initiating and guiding national research programmes. Member of the editorial board for the journal IWM Scientific and Technical Review. Greasley [10] Member of British Standards Institute Panel PH/3/11/2 on "Sports Mouthguards". Hopgood [29] Member of the BCS Specialist Group for Expert Systems. Committee member for SGES, the British Computer Society’s Specialist Group on Knowledge-based Systems and Applied Artificial Intelligence. Organiser and member of the Programme Committee for the Expert Systems 2000 and ES 2001. Member of the committee that is bidding to stage the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) in Edinburgh in 2005. Ison [12] Member of the Management Board of The Natural Step (UK) Ltd (a subsidiary NGO of Forum for the Future) and the Programme Management Committee of WWF (UK). Member of International Review Panel of Research Direction and Capabilities of the Systems Agrarian and Development Department of INRA, France - July 1998. Member of the Editorial Advisory Board, International Journal of Water. Associate Editor, Journal of Applied Systems Studies. Lewis [15] Fellow of the Institute of Materials. Member of the Academy of Experts. Monk [16] Programme director and contributor to the Nordic Millennium course in 2000 for doctorate students. His dialogue Information Rules OK received a commendation in the Philosophical Dialogue Competition run by the Humanities Research Centre at the University of Oxford, the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology and the Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden, 1998. Morris [17]: Founding and continuing member of RURAL, a leading UK policy advice forum for agriculture in the UK, Elected member of the Executive of the Committee of Heads of Environmental Science. Nesaratnam [18]: Member of the Engineering Professional Board (EPB) of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management and of the Qualifications Panel of the EPB. Member of the Sewerage and Flooding Panel at the OFWAT Eastern Region Customer Service Committee. Newbury [19]: Membership of around twenty national and international standardisation committees, often as UK representative. Such work includes: International Electrotechnical Commission, British Standards Institute committees (as a Principal Expert), European Commission Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation, United Nations International Energy Agency (IEA), Chairman IEEE Power Engineering Society Power Systems Communications Committee. Parfitt [20]: Member of DETR’s ‘Sustainable Development : Waste Indicators Working Group’ (1997-98). Chief analyst to the DETR on their annual survey of municipal waste. Specialist advisor to the Environment Agency on the National Household Waste Analysis Programme. Peters [21]: Member of the UK Joint Information Systems Committee and Chair of the JCN subcommittee that is responsible for the UK academic network SuperJANET. Member of the JISC Communications and Information Strategy Steering Group. In 1999 he was invited to be one of two external Directors of the newly formed London Metropolitan Network Limited which is responsible for the academic network in London. Until 2000 he was UK representative on the EU Information Society Forum (Bangermann group). Sharp [23]: Associate Editor of Applied Acoustics responsible for Musical Acoustics. Simon [24]: Member of the administrative committee of the European Society for Ecological Economics. Taherzadeh [25]: Member of the ANSI S1 WG20 Working Group on Ground Impedance Measurement Methods. Thomas [26]: Invited member of the Environment Council’s Stakeholder Dialogue on ‘Building Effective Solutions for Sustainable Waste Management’

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