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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Academic Public Goods

Members of the unit are highly active in the academic public arena, both national and international, a feature that is closely associated with their participation in a large number of broadly cast research networks. They are prominent in the organization, appraisal and promulgation of published research. Some are (or have been during the assessment period) editors or co-editors of highly regarded journals which include: The Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics (Lewis), Contemporary Political Theory (Prokhovnik), Economy and Society (Thompson). Several members of the unit sit on one or more editorial boards of academic journals. Among a long list, such titles include Central Europe Review (New York), Central European Political Science Review (Budapest), Democratization, Europe de les nacions (Barcelona), European Journal of Social Theory, Idees (Barcelona), Journal of Mundane Behaviour, Nations and Nationalism, Perspectives on European Politics and Society , Problemas del Desarraolla: Rivista Latinoamericana de Economica (Mexico). In addition to this editorial activity, most members (Goldblatt, Guibernau, Heffernan, Hudson, Lewis, Prokhovnik, Saward, Smith, Thompson) regularly review for established academic journals and a range of major publishers.

Members of the unit have also shown a high level of activity in the European Consortium for Political Research, and Lewis is co-convenor of the Standing Group on Central and East European Politics. Lewis and Saward were directors of workshops at the Joint Sessions in 1999, for which the contributions in both cases provided the basis for a later publication. Smith is a member of the Executive Board of the International Society of Phenomenology and the Human Sciences. Guibernau has been active in a wide range of international research networks, and has recently organized conferences on Ethnicity and Nationalism in association with the LSE and University of Warwick. Some members have been highly active as external examiners at a graduate and research level, notably Guibernau (Cambridge and Warwick), Lewis (8 PhDs between late 1998 and early 2000), Mitchell (Strathclyde), Saward (LSE, Sheffield), Thompson (Western Australia, Portsmouth).

Public Service

Heffernan has submitted evidence to the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee ( analysis of Labour’s political communications strategies, published by HMSO 1998), while Mitchell was an expert witness to the Wakeham Committee on the Future of the House of Lords and is currently preparing a report on the regulation of political parties in the UK. Lewis has taken part in meetings and seminars at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and has liaised with members of the Research Department concerned with central Europe. Guibernau is a member of the European Series Network of the British Council. Hudson participates in NGO workshops on advocacy and has organized meetings for NGO practitioners in this area. Thompson had advised the Mexican and Brazilian governments on economic policy in relation to questions of internationalisation.

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