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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem


As a teaching department it is easy for the School to indicate peer-esteem, and in certain areas that overlaps with research (the School’s membership of the FDLT consortium, led by the Central School, which is concerning itself, under the sponsorship of HEFCE, with the evaluation of collaborative practice in theatre; of the Sadler’s Wells Educational and Community Department; and of the Globe Educational Trust’s Higher Education Sub-Committee). Where research, sensu strictu, is concerned, we would assume that three successful bids to the AHRB as well as to the Arts Council, to our regional arts board, to local agencies and to the Elia Thematic Network show a measure of peer-esteem.

Dr Butterworth’s 1998 monograph has been widely and favourably noticed: for typical international responses see the review by Bert Hall (of the University of Toronto’s Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology) in Technology and Culture 42, 1 (2001, 192-93) and that by Max Harris in The Early Drama, Art and Music Review, Vol. 21, No 2, Spring 1999.

Dr Smith-Autard’s work is extensively reviewed, cited, and written about: see for examples V.A. Briginshaw’s review of The Art of Dance in Education in the British Journal of Physical Education, Vol. 26, 1995; F Mannon and P Sanderson, ‘Experience Every Moment’, Research in Dance Education, Vol. 1, 2000 (which discusses The Art of Dance and the Wild Child Resource Pack); V. Preston-Dunlop’s Dance Words, 1995, a lexicon of current dance-usage, which attributes eleven terminological/taxonomic innovations to Dr Smith-Autard; and the Swedish journal Fotnoten which carried two articles on her work, in its Nos. 2 and 5, 2000.

Dr Mirrione’s play The Last Enemy received extensive notice, both scholarly and journalistic. See for example American Theatre, October 1998; The Day, Waterford, Connecticut, 29.09.1998; Haaretz, Tel Aviv, 15.11.1999; International Herald Tribune, January 1999; ‘Jerusalem On-Line’, BBC World Service, 31.12.1998; The Jordan Times, Amman, 11.10.1998; Unesco News, 20.10.1998; U.N. Radio 21.10.1998; Yediot Aharonot, Tel Aviv, 20.10.1998 and 11.05.2000.

Bromley’s work has been extensively noticed. See for examples ‘Edinburgh Nights’, BBC 2, August 1991; The Glasgow Herald, 19.08.1991; The Yorkshire Post, 07.08.1991, and 13.10.1995; The Edinburgh Evening News, 14.08.1995; The Stage, 06.09.1990, 12.09.1991, 01.10.1992, 10.08.1995, and 17.08.1995; The Sunday Express, 06.08.1995; The Scotsman, 16.08.1995; The THES, October 1991; The Italian Voice, 10.08.1991.

Billingham (Cat. A*) was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in February 2000; J Butterworth is acting chair of SCODHE, and Chair of the Dance Section of the ELIA. She, and more extensively Cowen, have been repeatedly retained by QAAHE as assessors of the several performing arts, cinematics, and art and design. P. Butterworth was elected to a Readership in Medieval Theatre by the University of Leeds in 1999. Green is an Honorary Fellow of the Centre for South-East European Studies, University of Bradford, and was retained as external examiner for the PhD by the University of Exeter in September 2000. Lomas has been, since 1983, Chair of the Board of Directors of Jabadao. Taylor is Chair and Director of the Creative Industries Development Agency.

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