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RA6d: Additional observations, Additional information


Given the School’s history, it is unsurprising that the clients for its research, and more particularly for its applied research, are diverse; they will be found to match the cognitive strands outlined in RA5. Films for Science and the Humanities (Pritchard), and the Globe Theatre (Green), are, let us say, involved in art for art’s sake. The National Trust is a major agency of cultural conservation (Casey). The local political agencies, Kirklees and Wakefield MDCs (Butterworth J, Barry, Bromley), are concerned with the economic and cultural development of the areas within their remit, and it is a source of satisfaction that they increasingly call upon us for both quantitative and qualitative insights. More specifically, HM Prison Service and the West Yorkshire Constabulary (Barry, Bromley, Lomas) collaborate with us (sometimes through funded programmes) in setting up schemes to investigate the effectiveness of the performing arts in crime-prevention and rehabilitation. The use of the School’s work by the US Department of State, and by the United Nations (Mirrione) is also notable.

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