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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Dr Bulman’s work has been internationally recognised and has been an invited speaker at conferences in Africa. During the assessment period Dr Moore has been as editor of the prestigious journal of the University of Birmingham, Educational Review. The Bookstart project has led to invitations to speak at numerous educational, health and library conferences in the UK, Las Palmas (1996), Germany (1996 and 2000) and New Zealand (1999) and interviews on national BBC television. She is a consultant for Egmont World publications for early reading material. Her work in Reading Recovery led to invitations to speak at the Australian Universities of Victoria and New South Wales (1994). She was also a speaker at the Systemic Functional Linguistics conference in Beijing (1995). She has worked with researchers from the University of Birmingham and Seville. Dr Thomas’s recognition as a poet has led to many poetry readings nationally. He has been an invited speaker at the Universities of Leeds and Wolverhampton. Dr Robinson has been invited to contribute to refereed journals, for example to Revue Internationale d’éducation (Sevres), is a reviewer for Falmer/Routledge and Sage publications, has been invited to write a chapter in a new research reader in early literacy (to be published by Sage). She is guest editor of Mauritius Journal of Education and also a project assessor/reviewer for ESRC projects. Dr O'Kane is the Editor of the prestigious Journal, Scripture Bulletin.

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