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RA6d: Additional observations, Additional information

Research is promoted and supported by the College in terms of finance and arranged time. Grants for small-scale research projects (£3,000) are open to competitive bidding by members of staff and allocated by the Research Coordinator. Financial support is given for conference presentations to a maximum of £500 per annum per member of staff. Currently two members are staff are working on a project of developing students' writing skills that had the initial financial support of college funds and is now a Widening Participation Project. Time available for research is arranged within the department in agreement with the Head of Subject. Staff development on research related issues is organised by the Staff Development Coordinator and includes writing for grants, conduction research and supervision of research students. Interdisciplinary and single subject research is promoted. The Centre for Narrative and Story is one good example of where interdisciplinary interests and possible research projects are discussed. Regular research seminars are held through the year and are run by subject staff or colleagues from other institutions. All members of college are invited, including undergraduate and postgraduate students. The research group identified for this RAE in English Language and Literature is Narrative. Other members of the subject area are engaged in research, for example developing students' writing skills, English as a Foreign Language and Drama. There is also one author and one published poet.

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