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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Fellowships Awarded and Membership of Boards. Díaz-Cintas: member of ESIST Executive Board (since 2000); Santaolalla: Associate Research Fellow of the Postgraduate School of Critical Theory, U. of Nottingham (1997-1998), Visiting Fellow, IRS, London (1997-98), Honorary Research Fellow, Birkbeck College, U. of London (1997-), Associate Fellow, IRS, London (1999-), member of the IRS Advisory Council (1999-), and of the Editorial Board of Journal of English Studies (2000-).

Range of National and International Publications. For example: in UK (e.g. Oxford U.P., Edinburgh U.P., Peter Collin Pub, BFI & Cassell, Journal of Gender Studies, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies); Spain (e.g. Quimera and Paidós), Germany (Stauffenburg Verlag), USA (Literature/Film Quarterly), Belgium (Linguistica Antverpiensia, Babel), Denmark (Dangaroo Press, Perspectives in Translatology), among others. A number of these publications have been commissioned by book and journal editors (e.g. Melcion’s lexicographical research, which has involved systematic collaborative, comparative research with scholars in a number of institutions over the years, is the result of commissioned work administratively supported and financed by Peter Collin Publishing; six of Santaolalla’s nine book-chapters have also been commissioned). Evidence of esteem by the academic community of work done by staff in Spanish at USR can be found, for instance, in the positive reference to Santaolalla’s contribution to the ‘Sharing a Commonwealth’ Conference in The Straits Times (Malaysia, 20/12/98)

Invitations to Contribute to Research Programmes in Other Institutions. Staff have been invited to lecture at postgraduate level at Middlesex U. (1997-1998), the U. de Valencia (2000-01), and Leeds U. (2000-01) [Díaz-Cintas], and at the U. of Zaragoza (1999-2000 and 2000-01) [Santaolalla]; they have been invited to act as External Examiners for MA Dissertations and PhD Thesis at Middlesex U. (1999 & 2000), U. de Valencia (2000) [Díaz-Cintas], as well as at U. Zaragoza and U. de Oviedo (1994-96) [Santaolalla]; and asked to offer advice and supervision to postgraduate students at U. de Granada (since 1999) [Díaz Cintas] and Nottingham U. (1997-98) [Santaolalla].

Invitations to Give Lectures. Members of the Spanish Unit accepted invitations to lecture on more than fifteen occasions in a number of institutions including U. Alfonso X El Sabio (1999) and U. Espíritu Santo, Guayaquil (1999) [Díaz-Cintas], U. of Nottingham (1995, 1997, 1998), The British Council, Buenos Aires (1997), Oxford U. (1997) and ICA, London (2000) [Santaolalla].

Research Grants Awarded to Individual Staff. Santaolalla has been awarded a number of research-related grants (not returned in RA4): a) £4,000 group-grant awarded by the U. of Zaragoza for a two-year project (1997-1999) on gender and constructions of subjectivity; b) £1,200 individual grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education, for research on the representation of the ‘exotic’ (1997); c) £800 from institutional competitive reserve funds to cover expenses associated with cover layout and illustrations for her book on New Exoticisms (1998); d) £4,000 group grant awarded by the British Academy, for ‘Changing Frontiers of Latin America’, a project involving Brazilian, Argentinian, USA, German and British universities, structured around two international colloquia - Saõ Paulo, Brazil (2000) and USR (2001)- and the publication of a collective volume of essays; e) £4,500 group grant awarded by the U. of Zaragoza for a two-year research project on Australian mythologies of identity. (2000-2002); f) £10,000 obtained for ‘Buñuel 2000’ Conference, from Spanish Embassy, Instituto Cervantes London, Aragonese Government, Eurostar and British Academy, among others; further support obtained in kind from IRS, Mexican Embassy, Freixenet and Torres (2000).

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