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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

International Journal Editorship: Founders and Editors-in-Chief of Reflective Practice (Ghaye), Research in Post-compulsory Education (Elliott), and Environmental Education Research (Oulton).

Convening international conferences: Lifelong learning: policy, practice and possibility (1999, Elliott); Making a Difference: The First Carfax International Conference on Reflective Practice (2000, Ghaye); Effective Learning through Reflective Practice (2001, Clarke, Chambers). UCW has been selected to host ‘Development and Education: Contexts and Insights’ (British Psychological Society).

Keynote lectures at prestigious conferences: The Linda Kiely Memorial Lecture, Trinity College Dublin, and keynote papers in international conferences in Zimbabwe, Greece, Cambridge and Manchester (twice) (Pumfrey); keynote papers at European Early Childhood Educational Research Association International Conferences, 1996-2001 (Pascal, Bertram); keynote papers at conferences on Education, Grief and Loss (1996-2000, E. Brown); keynote paper on environmental education in an International Conference, Environmental Education in the Context of Education for the 21st Century (Greece, 2000, Oulton)

Reports to Government: Early Excellence Centres: Research to inform the Evaluation of the Government’s Pilot Programme, DfEE, London 1999 (Pascal et al); OECD, Early Childhood Policy (Bertram); response of British Psychological Society to Green Paper Excellence for All Children (Pumfrey). Reports to SCAA and QCA on Key Stage 2 (Emery, Fox) and on Key Stage 3 (Emery, Hudson, Russel).

Unique Collections: The Fulton Special Educational Needs Reference Collection; linked with the Fulton Fellowship, based in UCW.

Honours: 2000, February. Pumfrey awarded the degree of Doctor of Science honoris causa of the University of Hull.

Distinguished academic visitors: 1997, June. Dame Mary Warnock formally opened the Centre for Special Educational Needs. 1998, October. Professor Gilbert Gredler, University of South Carolina, Professor Tomas Kroksmark, University of Goteborg, Professor Philip Gammage, DETE, South Australia. 2000 Prof Burgess opened the Graduate School.

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