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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Additional Observations (RA6)

Evidence of esteem

Copp (Director of the ECCG) has participated in five submissions to the Law Commission, the DTI and the DfEE, four on company law reform and one on governance generally. He is Consulting Editor (Company Law) for the Journal of ADR, Mediation and Negotiation (CLT) and a member of the SPTL Company Law Section Committee and the SPTL Executive’s Research Working Group. He has delivered papers at SLSA (1999) and SPTL (2000) conferences and, by invitation, a public lecture sponsored by the Church of Scotland Board of Social Responsibility and Edinburgh University Centre for Theology and Public Issues (2000). He has been invited to lecture on ‘ADR and Company Law’ in 2001 for The Company Lawyer Lectures organised by the IALS Centre for Corporate Law and Practice. With Maughan, he presented a paper on ‘Economic Efficiency, the Role of Law and the Old Testament’ at the Conference on Biblical Economics, Center for Rationality and Interactive Decision-Making, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2000).

Grief (Head of School) is Co-Editor of the European Human Rights Reports (Sweet & Maxwell) and UK correspondent of the Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Européen (Dalloz). A major contributor to EU Law training for the Government Legal Service and the Cabinet Office, and to Human Rights training for the States of Guernsey Civil Service Board, he has made several court appearances as an expert witness on the legal status of nuclear weapons and is Visiting Professor of Law at The University of Insurance & Banking, Warsaw.

Hardwick (Professor of Financial Services) is included in Bournemouth’s UOA 43 submission. He is on the editorial boards of the European Journal of Financial Services and the Journal of Insurance Research and Practice.

Hunter QC (Visiting Professor of Insolvency Law) is one of the world’s leading authorities on bankruptcy and insolvency law. A Bencher of Gray’s Inn, he has edited the definitive works in those fields for over 50 years, including Muir Hunter on Personal Insolvency (Butterworths) and served as a member of both Cork Committees (on the Draft EEC Bankruptcy Convention and Insolvency Law Reform). He brings a wealth of experience and unrivalled expertise to the activities of the ECCG.

Kretschmer (Leverhulme Senior Lecturer in IP Policy and Joint Director of the CIPPM) is included in Bournemouth’s UOA 66 submission. His expertise on the impact of new technologies on intellectual property management and exploitation is internationally recognised. From 1996-99 he was principal researcher on two ESRC-funded projects at City University Business School, on ‘Intellectual Property & Knowledge Transfer’ and ‘Globalisation, Technology and Creativity: Current Trends in the Music Industry’. His paper at the British Academy of Management’s 1998 Conference, ‘Increasing Returns and Social Contagion in Cultural Industries’, received the ‘most innovative paper’ award. Since joining the School of Finance & Law he has delivered papers at Erasmus University, Rotterdam (February and September 2000) and the Max Planck Institut, Munich (June 2000).

Maughan (Reader in Law & Economics, formerly at Massey University, New Zealand) has delivered several international conference papers by invitation, including: ‘Economic Efficiency, The Role of Law and the Old Testament’ at the Conference on ‘Biblical Economics’, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2000, with Copp); and ‘Legal Devices to Manage Customary Maori Land: Overcoming the Conflict Between Retention and Development’ at the Conference on ‘Legal Pluralism: The Role of Customary Law in Preserving Indigenous Heritage’ at Kuchiag, Sarawak, sponsored by the University of Malaysia (1997, with Tanira Kingi). In New Zealand he is an acknowledged authority on deregulation and agribusiness. His articles are used for teaching at Auckland University (Competition Law) and UCL (Land Law).

McGuinness (Steele Raymond Professor of Business Law) has an international reputation in the field of corporate law as reflected in extensive judicial citation of his work. The Law of Guarantee (described by one reviewer as ‘seminal’) has been cited in 249 superior court decisions worldwide including Canada (including the Supreme Court), England, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore. Construction Lien Remedies in Ontario has been cited in 50 reported decisions (including judgments of the Ontario and British Columbia Courts of Appeal) and the previous edition was used by the Law Reform Commissions of Newfoundland, Saskatchewan and Alberta. The Law and Practice of
Canadian Business Corporations
was cited by the Supreme Court of Canada in Friedmann Equity Developments Inc v. Final Note Ltd [2000] 1 SCR 842, 188 DLR (4th) 269 and has been shortlisted in Canada for the 2001 Walter Owen Book Prize. He is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics and the Journal of ADR, Mediation and Negotiation.

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