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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Evidence of Esteem 1: Peer Esteem
Research in the area has received one major grant from the AHRB (£187,000) beginning in 2000; a resource enhancement grant of £68,756 in 2001, and three small grants of under £5000, two of which were for different stages of the same project. HEFCE has also funded a research project on Group Working Assessment in Media Production (value £220,000) led by the Bournemouth Media School.

In the area of Management Studies from which Daymon derives her methodology, refereed conference papers have a higher status as outputs than that employed in studies of the performing arts. Her outputs in this area include:
"The Cultural Dynamics of Identity Formation: managing commercial-professional discourses in a Dutch newspaper and a British television station." C. Daymon and S.Ybema. Critical Management Studies Conference. Paper presented in July 1999 at University of Manchester
"Controlling the Creative Risk in Television". 15th European Group for Organisation Studies Conference. Paper presented in July 1999 at University of Warwick.
"Communication in a New Television Station: A Multiperspective Approach" European Communication Association’s Experts’ Conference 2000 Manchester Metropolitan University.

Deutsch is advisor to the Arts Council and Southern Arts Board, and visited Japan on a fact-finding mission for the Access & Creativity sub-committee of the Department of Trade and Industry’s Technology Foresight scheme, July 1998.

Ellis is a member of RAE panel 65 and was a member of HEFCE’s Communication and Media Studies Advisory Group (the ‘rebanding exercise’). He has served on the boards of the former Standing Committee on Communications Cultural and Media Studies (SCCCMS) and the current Association of Media Practice Educators (AMPE); is chair of the Higher Education Forum of Skillset, the media industry’s training organisation. He is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Media Practice and an advisory editor of Framework and the Journal of Popular British Cinema.

Kretschmer has been Leverhulme Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property in the School of Finance and Law since June 1999. His paper for the British Academy of Management’s 1998 Conference, ‘Increasing Returns and Social Contagion in Cultural Industries’, received the award for the most innovative paper.

Street’s two cited outputs as broadcaster sample his extensive work for Radios 3 and 4. This includes the production of The Ballad of Reading Gaol with Simon Callow for Christmas Eve 2000 (Radio 3), and the scripting of the Procession to the Private Sector for Radio 3’s experimental slot ‘Between the Ears’ (1998), based on a surrealist film scenario by David Gascoyne.

Wegg-Prosser was Head of the BBC’s Independents Planning Unit 1991-4 and continues to act as relief Secretary to the BBC TV Programme Review Committee. She is a board member of the British Video History Trust.

Evidence of Esteem 2: International Esteem
Ellis has been a visiting professor at the Media Studies Institute, University of Bergen, Norway since 1991 and was a tutor for the NorFa summer research forum for Scandinavian postdoctoral researchers in August 1998. He has presented papers at the Nordic Television Days 2001; at CELSA, Sorbonne University, Paris, and gave a keynote address to an international conference on Quality Television organised by the Fundacion Antorchas and the Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aries in 1998. He contributed a major entry (of 25,000 words) on broadcasting to the Encyclopedia Italiana’s multi-volume work L’Eredita del Novecento (The Inheritance of the Twentieth Century) ed. Prof Giuseppe Bedeschi, Rome 2000.

Kretschmer’s papers published in the proceedings of international conferences at the Universities of Berlin, Brisbane, Madrid, Seville, and Vanderbilt. He has also addressed: Stern School of Business, New York University (May 1997); 14th EGOS Colloquium, Maastricht (July 1998); Strategic Management Society, Berlin (October 1999); Erasmus University, Rotterdam (February and September 2000); Music Information Centre, Austria (March 2000); Max Planck Institut, Munich (June 2000). In 1998 he published "Die Mythen des Urhebers: Geistiges Eigentum in der Musik - eine historische Ubersicht und Kritik"/ "Le Mythe de L'Auteur: La Propriete intellectuelle dans la Musique: Apercu Historique et Critique", Dissonanz 57 (August) pp.4-13.

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