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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Major research initiatives and external funding

The ability to attract repeated funding from research councils, European Union Directorates and UK Government Departments, combined with successful mid-term and end-of-project reviews, can be seen as a measure of the quality of research outputs. There has been particular success in attracting repeat funding from the EPSRC, with seven major projects (all of 2-3 years in length) during the period under assessment. These have been in the areas of agile manufacturing, continuous improvement and new product development, inter-organisational networking, knowledge management in complex environments, team-working and the integration of services. The three projects that have undergone post-project reviews all received alpha ratings. The ESRC’s Complex Product Systems (CoPS) Innovation Centre has recently completed a highly successful mid-term review conducted by a panel of national and international academics and industrialists. The panel concluded that:

Considerable progress has been made in establishing an internationally significant profile in academic research on innovation and a valuable interdisciplinary approach has been developed…

According to one of the US reviewers of the Centre’s work:

CoPS was setting the standard for case study investigations of complex technologies …

Funding from the EU has resulted in nine major multinational collaborative projects having been awarded, including four under the Fifth Framework Programme. Other sponsors have included the Department of Trade and Industry, the OECD, NATO, and the Japanese Ministry of Education.Together with the CoPS Innovation Centre, perhaps the most significant achievement during this period was the being awarded a Joint Infrastructure Fund grant of £5 million towards a new building to house both CENTRIM and SPRU.

SBRU has attracted sponsorship from Business Link, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the DTi/ DFEE. MDRU has been funded by the North West Health Board and Ireland and Sussex Enterprise.

Research collaborations and International Reputation

A measure of esteem is the quality of the partners who are able to be attracted for collaborative work. Long-term relationships have been developed with both leading academic institutions and leading edge companies, both in the UK and abroad. In-depth research collaborations have been established throughout Europe, South America, Africa, Japan and Australia. Visiting fellows and students from Australia, Brazil, Italy, Germany and Denmark have had extended stays in CENTRIM. Staff have been asked to advise international organisations (including the EU, NATO, OECD, UNIDO, UNDP, WTO, the World Bank) and government departments. Publications have appeared in Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and Czech.

Participation in the research community

Editorships, members of editorial boards, invitations as guest editor for special issues

Bessant: associate editor of the British Journal of Management, guest editor for the International Journal of Technology Management (on continuous improvement). He is also on the editorial boards of Prometheus, Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, the Journal of Manufacturing Systems, Creativity and Innovation Management, New Product Development and Innovation Management and the European Journal of Innovation Management, the book review editor of Technovation and a Series Editor for International Thomson Business Press. Berry: editorial board of Strategic Management.

Bourner: editorial board for Education and Training and for the Journal of Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning. Guest editor for Executive Development (future of management development). Burns: associate editor of and guest editor for Tourism Recreation Research (NGOs in the development of tourism). Dibiaggio: guest editor for Revue d'Economie Industrielle (on the economics of knowledge). Holscher: series editor of Studies in Economic Transition (for Macmillan Press).

Palmer: editorial board for the International Journal of Tourism Research and section editor for Anthropology and Social Issues. Perren: editorial boards of the Journal of Strategic Change and the Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development; also reviews editor of the latter.

Rush: editorial board of Industry and Higher Education and guest editor of a special issue of Research Policy (on Complex Product Systems).

Refereeing and reviewing for funding bodies

Bessant: for the ESRC, the EPSRC, the Leverhulme Trust, the Design Council, the British Academy, the Italian State Research Council, the Hong Kong Research Council and the Danish Ministry of Science. He has also been a referee on appointment panels for Helsinki University of Technology (Finland, Aalborg Univeristy (Denmark), and Chalmers University (Sweden).

Berry: for the ESRC, the Leverhulme Trust, the British Academy.

Bourner: for the ESRC.He also acted as referee for professorial appointments at - the Universities of Salford, Sheffield Hallam University, Coventry University.

Burns: for the Department for International Research Awards, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Nuffield Foundation. Hales: for the ESRC and the EPSRC. Holscher: for the Volkswagen Foundation.

Palmer: for the ESRC.

Rush: for the EPSRC and the ESRC at both the project and programme levels.

Reviewing for international journals

Bessant: for the Journal of Manufacturing Systems, Research Policy, the International Journal of Innovation Management, the International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Prometheus, the British Journal of Management, Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, Technovation and R&D Management. He is also a reviewer for J Wiley & Sons, Prentice Hall, FT Pitman, Butterworth Heinemann, and Oxford University Press. Berry: for Accounting Education, European Journal of Finance, British Accounting Review, Government and Policy and Strategic Change. Bourner: for Higher Education Quarterly, British Journal of Management, Studies in Higher Education, Journal of Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning.

Burns: for Progress in Tourism & Hospitality Research, Tourism Management and Annals of Tourism Research.

Flowers: for Research Policy and is a publishers reviewer for J Wiley & Sons and Addison-Wesley. Hales: for Research Policy.

Kaplinsky: for World Development and the Journal of Development Studies and Competition and Change, MIT Press and Research Policy.

Palmer: for International Journal of Tourism Research.

Perren: for British Journal of Management and Technovation.

Rush: for R&D Management, Technovation, Research Policy, Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, Innovation and Public Policy. He is a book reviewer for Imperial College Press and Thomson Business Press.

Membership of special committees

Bessant: a two term member of the EPSRC Peer College for Engineering Management. He is on the steering committees of the ESRC Centre for Research in Innovation and Competitiveness at Manchester University and the Construction Industries Research and Information Association; on the advisory board for the London Manufacturer’s Group and a board member for UK Work Organisation Research Ltd.

Berry: Chair of Accounting and Finance Stream of the BAM conference, member of Small Business Research Advisory Committee and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Frost: member of the British Academy of Management Council and Executive.

Goss-Turner: member of the Council of Hospitality Management Educators.

Kaplinsky: convenes a network of European, African, Asian, Latin American research institutions focusing on Spreading the Gains from Globalisation, member of the panel of judges for the best paper on Technology and Development organised by the United Nations University.

Perren: member of the DfEE special Advisory Panel on Small Firms and a representative on Prince’s Youth Trust Sussex Board, board member of Institute of Small Business Affairs, member of the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative Research Advisory Group.

Rush: member of NATO’s Science and Technology Policy and Innovation Management Priority Panel for five years (Chair for two of these years).and a re-nominated member of the EPSRC Peer College for Engineering Management and on the advisory committee of Cambridge University's Centre for Technology Management.

Webber: member of the South East England Consortium Working Group. Serves on the Executive Committee of the International Foundation for Action Learning (IFAL) and is the archivist for IFAL's library of published materials on action learning.

Expert advisors

Bessant: to the Danish Employer’s Federation and Danish Ministry of Research and the Benchmarking Co-ordination Office of the European Commission's. Bourner: to the DTI's Knowledge Management Unit and to the North West Health Board in Ireland on management development.

Burns: to the Development and Humanitarian Aid Directorate of the EU and the World Tourism Organisation. Flowers: has provided briefings to both the Cabinet Office IT Unit and the Computer Services and Software Association regarding the review of government IT projects.

Hales: EC, DG Research Expert Group on Policy Benchmarking.

Kaplinsky: to the Permanent Secretary and chief Economist at the South African DTI, to the Ministry of Industry in Russia and to the Jamaican Government. He also advised the Board of Shell on the Sustainable Energy Initiative and is a judge for the Sustainable Communities Programme. Perren: to the Council for Excellence in Management and Leadership of the DfEE and the DTI. Rush: to the Benchmarking Co-ordination Office of the EU's DG Enterprise, the South Africa Research Council, and the National Association of Oil Producers and Suppliers (Brazil).

Special awards and keynote addresses Bessant: at the World Innovation Strategy conference (Sydney, Australia 1998); 2nd European Continuous Improvement conference, (Twente, the Netherlands, 1998); launch of the Eindhoven Centre for Innovation Studies (Denmark, 1997) and the Danish Confederation of Danish Industries 1996 management conference. Berry: at the 1999 Conference on Corporate Governance (Mombassa) and at the 1998 conference on Non-executive Directors and Corporate Governance (Nairobi). Invited speaker at the 1999 Anglo Italian Bilateral Accounting Conference (Treviso).

Burns: at the 7th ATLAS Conference on Tourism in Development in Finland (2000), an invited speaker at the Royal Geographical Society (1998 and 1999), and the chair of a working party on practising socially responsible tourism at the House of Lords. Flowers: to the DTI sponsors trade mission conference in Taipan and at the ALT-C 99 (Bristol).

Francis: to the Human Resource Management Conference in Hong Kong (1998) and to the Annual production Management conference in Denmark (2000).

Kaplinsky: at the Trade and Industry Policy Secretariat Annual Forum in South Africa and has been a guest speaker at UNCTAD on numerous occassions.

Marshall: best paper award at the Joint Triennial Symposium of the international council for building Research Studies and Documentation (South Africa).

O'Hara: keynote address to the 1999 SEEDA conference.

Rush: Distinguished Lecturer Series of the Nortel Corporation; the 1998 Technology Management Conference (Portugal) and to the 2nd Annual International Technology Management Forum (Japan) and to the DTI/Design Council/ECRS/CBI conference on Experiencing Innovation.

Ruggeri-Stevens: outstanding paper award in Internet Research Electronic Networking Applications and Policy (2000 volume).

Visiting scholarships and visiting scholars

Bessant: honorary fellow at the SPRU (University of Sussex), a visiting fellow at the Scuola Santa Anna (Pisa) and at the Production Research Centre, University of Aalborg, (Denmark). Hales: was awarded a research fellowship at BT Labs. Holscher: visiting professor at the Halle Institute for Economic Research and the Kazakhstan Institute for Management and Economic Policy (Chemnitz University).

Rush: honorary fellow at the SPRU, a visiting fellow at the Copenhagen Business School and the ESRC's Business Process Resource Centre at Warwick University.

Sapsed: visiting scholar at the Haas Business School, (University of California).

External examining for postgraduate degrees at other institutes

Bessant: Cambridge, Plymouth, UMIST, University of Manchester, Manchester Business School, Sheffield Hallam, Cranfield, Twente (the Netherlands), Chalmers (Sweden), Aalborg (Denmark) and Wollongong (Australia).

Bourner: Lancaster University, Warwick University, Salford University.

Burns: Strathclyde and Luton Universities.

Frost: Southbank, Wolverhampton, and Manchester Metropolitan Universities.

Kaplinsky: Sussex University and the School of Oriental and Asian Studies at London University.

Palmer: University of Hertfordshire.

Rush: Sussex and Manchester Universities.

Other forms of recognition (certificates, etc.)

CENTRIM has been awarded ESRC recognition (mode b) for its postgraduate degree training. It has also been awarded the status of preferred suppliers to the Institute of Electrical Engineers, the European Foundation for Quality Management, and Brighton and Hove Council (for training).

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