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RA6d: Additional observations, Additional information

Reason for staff turnover

There has been an inevitable turnover as highly competent researchers have been offered more lucrative or secure opportunities in the private sector (Hanson) or other academic posts at Sussex (Harding), Edinburgh (Hardstone), Bath (Brown) and Calgary (Hudson); and two highly respected former members of staff have been awarded professorships at Surrey (Jones) and Coventry (Beaty). One senior fellow has also left to concentrate on parenting (Caffyn) and one has retired (S. Berry). Several of these individuals had been research leaders in areas such as international business, hospitality and tourism, and continuous improvement. Three research fellows (Shapiro, Levy and Francis) are also working in the private consultancy sector and are only researching on a part-time basis. Others have assumed additional managerial and administrative responsibilities, such as establishing a Research Student Division (Hales) and heading the re-organisation of the Business School (Professor A Berry).

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