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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Our RA2 researchers have promoted the research profile of education in ways other than publication:
Research Grants and contracts:
For the first time, this UoA has won and participated in substantial research council and charity funding. We have mentioned Kutnick
s research with the ESRC and DFID, bringing in a combined total of nearly £200k, and a further £1.01m starting in 2001; Lee and Whiteheads ESRC funding of £40k; Maillardet and Professor C Miller share £720k ESRC funding (with Eraut, Sussex) starting in 2001; Baker (with Street, King’s London) from the Leverhulme Trust totalling nearly £300k. Other Trust-based funding has come from the Arts Council (Loveless - £30k), St Gabriels (Bastide - £10k), Froebel, Anglo-German Foundation, UKCOSA.
Committee and Editorial Roles:
In Literacies in Education, Dombey is Vice President of the Institut pour le Développement des Potentialités de tous les Enfants, Vice Chair of the UK Reading Association, and on the editorial board of Reading, Education 3-13, and the International Journal of Early Childhood Literacy. Loveless is Chair of the Association for IT in Teacher Education, Convenor of the BERA special interest group NITE, and will become an editor of the Journal of Information Technology in Teacher Education. Fox, Miller, Baker and Clay are Co-editors of the Ways of Knowing Journal. Miller has guest-edited an edition of Gender and Education. In Higher Education, Watson was a member of the Dearing Committee, Chair of the ESRC Teaching & Learning Steering Committee, Chair of the CVCP Longer Term Strategy Group, past Chair of UACE, a member of the HEFCE Teaching & Learning Committee, and an elected member of the ILT Council. Watson’s collaboration with Taylor (Leeds) as officers of UACE led to several publications by the Association. Laing has joined the UK Council for Graduate Education Working Group on Professional Doctorates. Bourner advises the DTI Knowledge Management Unit and is on the editorial board of Education and Training, Journal of Widening Participation, and Lifelong Learning. Barlow guest-edited an issue of Education and Training. In Teaching and Learning in Schools, Kutnick has been active in the British Psychological Association, as a former editor of the BPS Education Section Review, a member of the Education Section Committee and the Books & Special Projects Group. Atkinson is a member of the Sussex Learning and Skills Council. Norman is on the Teacher Education Working Group of the Geographical Association. In Religious and Cultural Dimensions in Education, Modgil has attained a significant international reputation as editor of volumes concerning current education issues; he also edits the ERC’s Occasional Papers series. Homan is on the editorial board of Quaker Studies. Ota is on the editorial board of International Journal of Childhood Spirituality. Cole is on the editorial board of Social Justice and chairs the Hillcole Group.
Keynotes/invited presentations:
has made numerous keynote and research contributions in the UK and abroad, including: Foundation for Science and Technology, CVCP, SCOP, CRAC, HEFCE, ESRC, European Year of Lifelong Learning, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Higher Education, the Japan Foundation for the Promotion of Science, the POMONA Foundation in Colorado Springs, OECD forum in Ottawa, ASCUN in Columbia, and a distinguished lecture at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He has also been appointed to the international reference group for the New Zealand Tertiary Education Advisory Committee (TEAC). Other invited (international) keynotes have been presented by: Laing – EU-India Network (Ahmedabad, 2000) and MCST (Delhi, 2000); Baker - AMESA (Capetown, 1996); Fox, Clay, Baker – SAALA (Empageni, S Africa, 1996); Baker - NALDIC (2001); Loveless – RUFIS (Liberec, Czech Republic, 1998) and SITE (San Antonio, Texas, 1999); Dombey - IEDPE (Paris, 1997) and RAI (Limerick, 1998); Homan Liberal Order (Olomouc, Czech Republic, 1999) and CULRE (UK, 2000); Kutnick – Social Competence (Gothenburg, Sweden, 1998); Lee - ICSPES (Minho, Portugal, 1999); Whitehead – Sports & Life Style (Lathi, Finland, 2001); and Cole presented expert seminars at the University of Technical Education (Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, 2000). Members have made invited presentations in: Barcelona (Dombey); Tallin, Hameenlinna (Finland), San Diego (Loveless) and Prague (Fox, Clay, Miller). Wing was an exemplar speaker at a recent DfEE/TTA conference (London, 2001).
Conference and organisational roles:
All members of this submission have presented conference papers both nationally and world-wide. Members of Literacies in Education have been involved in organising conferences in: Paris- IEDPE 98, London -IEDPE, 96,97,98 and 2000 (Dombey); Sussex -BERA 99 (co-sponsored with University of Brighton, Dombey, Baker, Miller, Clay, Loveless, Ellis); Birmingham -ITTE 97(Loveless) and Cambridge- ITTE 99 (Loveless). Fox and Clay have played key roles in organising the international symposium War and Peace in Children’s Literature in Ypres, Belgium, 2000. In Teaching & Learning in Schools, Kutnick co-organised an international symposium on gender and school achievement in developing countries funded by DFID (BAISE, University of Reading, 1998). Other international presentations include Kutnick at AERA (1999, 2000), Baker at AERA (1996, 2000) and Miller at NARST (2000).
Research Degree Examining:
Lead researchers in Education have acted as External Examiners for research degrees nationally (eg: Aberystwyth, Birmingham, Durham, Exeter, Institute of Education (London), Lancaster, Leicester, Leeds, Loughborough, Newcastle, Open University, Salford, Sussex, UCL, Warwick) and internationally (e.g.: Sydney, Waikato, Illinois USA).

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