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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Health and Counselling Psychology

Professor Bor is co-editor of the international journal AIDS Care. He is a member of the editorial board for Family Systems & Health, Psychology, Health & Medicine, and Counselling Psychology Quarterly. In 1997 Professor Bor was the recipient of the BPS Division of Counselling Psychology Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement. During the assessment period he gave the following invited presentations: "Heterosexism and beyond: training and supervision reassessed" (The American Association of Marital & Family Therapy, Chicago 1999); "Psychological aspects of travel" (Royal College of Physicians 2000). Collaborations are:

i. Professor Du Plessis (Guy's Hospital) - Disclosure of HIV within the index patient's self-identified family.
ii. Mr Robert Palmer (Newham HIV Service) - Intimacy and sexual relationships in HIV serodiscordant gay couples.
iii. Mrs. Sheila Gill (London School of Economics) - A Theory of Counselling Briefly.
iv. Dr Papadopoulos (London Guildhall University) - several projects on psychodermatology.
v. The International Civil Aviation Organsation - Airlines' responses to combatting passenger violence

Dr. Elander has refereed papers for British Journal of Medical Psychology, Psychological Bulletin, Preventative Medicine, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Journal of Applied Psychology, Addiction, Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, and The Psychologist. Collaborations are:

i. Dr. Heavy (Institute of Psychiatry) - mental calculation ability in an autistic savant.
ii. Professor Simonoff and Professor Rutter (Kings, Guy's and St. Thomas's Hospital Trust) - development of antisocial behaviour.
iii. Dr. Ferrand (Royal London Hospital) - coping styles, quality of life, and occupational performance in sickle cell disease.
iv. Dr. Hardman (London Guildhall University) - the use of assessment criteria in exam marking.

Dr. Papadopoulos has refereed for Psychology, Health and Medicine and British Journal of Medical Psychology, and has contributed reviews for Oxford University Press. Collaborations are:

i. Professor Hawk (St. Thomas's Hospital) - psychological aspects of Acne, Vitiligo and Psoriasis
ii. Dr. Cross (City University) - co-author/editor of three books (all 'in press').
iii. Professor Bor (London Guildhall University) - several projects on psychodermatology.

Dr. Troop is on the editorial advisory board of the European Eating Disorders Review, and has refereed papers for British Journal of Clinical Psychology, European Eating Disorders Review, Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, Canadian Journal of Behavioral Psychology and Psychology, Health and Medicine. Collaborations are:

i. Professor Treasure (Institute of Psychiatry) - evaluating treatments of emotional enhancement therapy; also co-editing a book contracted with Psychology Press on "Perspectives and Aetiology of Eating Disorders".
ii. Professor Treasure and Dr. Connan (Institute of Psychiatry) - several projects concerned with aspects of eating disorders & developing a measure of perfectionism and rigidity in childhood.
iii. Dr. Joseph (University of Warwick) - (a) Coping, and (b) Rumination.
iv. Ms. Patricia Jordan (University of Rhode Island, US) - developing measures of the recovery stages in anorexia.

Cognitive & Developmental Psychology

Dr. Dickins was book review editor for Connexions (ISSN 1368-3233; http://www/shef.ac.uk/~phil/connex/) until 1998. He has refereed for Psycoloquy. Whilst still a PhD student he presented "What to expect from an evolutionary theory of language origin" at the Whirlow Grange Conference on Evolution and Culture, in Sheffield (1999). Collaborations are:

i. Professor Boucher (University of Warwick) and Dr. Davies (Nottingham Trent University) - the relationship between ontogeny and phylogeny.
ii. Mr. D. Dickins (University of Liverpool) - the relationship between stimulus equivalence class formation and language.
iii. Dr. Hardman (London Guildhall University) - evolutionary perspectives on mate choice.

Dr. Hardman is the editor of the conference diary for Risk, Decision and Policy. He has refereed papers for British Journal of Psychology, Thinking & Reasoning, Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, Psychological Bulletin, Risk Decision & Policy, and European Journal of Cognitive Psychology. Dr. Hardman reviewed the following books for Psychology Press:
Manktelow, K.I. (1999). Reasoning and thinking [see acknowledgments on p. xii].
Eysenck, M.W. and Keane, M.T. (2000). Cognitive psychology: A student's handbook (4th Ed.). [see acknowledgments on p. viii]

Dr. Hardman presented "Consumer decision making: Factors affecting people's choice of food" to the symposium on Judgment and Decision Making at the BPS London Conference (1998). Collaborations are:

i. Dr. Macchi (University of Milan, Italy) -co-editor on a volume of chapters, commissioned by Wiley, on Judgment and Decision Making.
ii. Dr. Harries (Leeds University Business School) co-editor of a special issue of the Psychologist on Judgment and Decision Making (in preparation).
iii. Dr. Dickins (London Guildhall University/Nottingham Trent University) - evolutionary perspectives on mate choice.
iv. Dr. Elander (London Guildhall University) - the use of assessment criteria in exam marking.

Dr. Spencer has reviewed for the Times Higher Education Supplement. Her collaborations are:

i. Professor Braddick (University College London) - (a) visual perception in autism and (b) dyspraxia.
ii. Professor Braddick, Professor Atkinson, Dr. O'Brien, Dr. Wattam-Bell (all at the Visual Development Unit, University College London) - cognitive processing of new media.
iii. Dr. Riggs (University of Birmingham) - motion processing in autism.

Dr. Ungar has refereed for Journal of Environmental Psychology and Annual Review of Critical Psychology. Collaborations are:

i. Dr. Espinosa and Professor Ochaita (Madrid Autonoma University). This research collaboration resulted from a priming grant from the British Council, and resulted in two journal papers and two conference presentations.
ii. Professor Sheldon and Professor Speakman (Tactile Diagram Research Group, Anglia Polytechnic University) and Professor Petrie (Dept. of Psychology, University of Hertfordshire) - 3 year research project into improving the design of tactile cartographic maps.

Social and Work Psychology

Ms. Baldry is currently awaiting her PhD viva. She has refereed for Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology. She presented "360 degree assessment and self awareness" to the conference "Assessment for the Millenium: Beyond Psychometrics", organised by the BPS Division of Occupational Psychology.

Dr. Charman's collaborations are:

i. Professor Levi (Criminology,University of Wales) and Dr. Honess (Psychology, City University) - jury decision making.
ii. Professor Bosma and Professor Jackson (University of Groningen, The Netherlands) - family decision making
iii. Professor Zani and Dr Cicognani (University of Bologna, Italy) - family decision making.


Dr. Laws has refereed papers for Brain and Language, Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, and Memory. He received two senior scientist awards in 1997 and 1999, both from the Biennial Winter Workshop in Schizophrenia. He also received the Young Investigator Award at the International Congress on Schizophrenia in 2000. He was the single author of a prestigious Lead Article in Cognitive Neuropsychiatry (with commentaries by prominent researchers in the field: Professor Frith and Professor Goldberg). Dr. Laws presented "Semantic memory disorders in schizophrenia" to the European Conference on Schizophrenia (Prague, 2000). Collaborations are:

i. Dr. Chen (Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Hong Kong, China), Dr. Uzri (University of
Leicester), Professor Mortimer and Dr. Tyson (University of Hull), Dr. McKenna (University of Cambridge), Dr. Chaudry (University of Manchester), Professor Hirsch (Imperial College) - Semantic memory disorders in schizophrenia.
ii. Drs. Hawley, Wood, Gale, Chabra, and Willis (East Herts. NHS Trust) - Longitudinal deterioration of semantic memory in Alzheimer's and Vascular Dementia.
iii. Prof. David and Dr. Brammer (Institute of Psychiatry), T. Kondel (Institute of Neurology and National Hospital) and Dr. P. Fletcher (Institüte für Hirnforschung, Germany) - Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI: at the Institute of Psychiatry); - Intention formation in normal subjects.
iv. Dr. L. Kvavilashvilli (University of Hertfordshire) - Prospective memory and thought suppression.
v. Dr. J. Done (University of Hertfordshire) - Executive function in schizophrenia.
vi. Dr. O. Turnbull (Bangor University) - Object recognition following brain injury.
vii. Dr. V. Gabrovska (Manchester University) - Object recognition in schizophrenia.
viii.Dr. C. Stephenson (Institute of Psychiatry) - Object recognition in schizophrenia.

Dr. Sanders has refereed papers for Autism: An International Journal of Research and Practice, Hormones & Behaviour, Neuropsychologia, Personality and Individual Differences, and Psychoneuroendocrinology. He was shortlisted for the 1997 Wellcome Trust Prize for a popular science book. Dr. Sanders presented "Patterns of cognitive performance and functional asymmetry are associated with high and low phases of the diurnal testosterone cycle" at the International Behavioral Development Symposium (North Dakota, 2000). He was a member of the Scientific Programme Committee for the International Academy of Sex Research Annual Meeting in Paris (2000), and has also been invited to organise a symposium for the 2001 meeting in Montreal. Collaborations are:

i. Dr. Baron-Cohen (University of Cambridge) and Dr. Manning (University of Liverpool) - the extreme male brain theory of autism.
ii. Dr. Price (Institute of Neurology) - cortical activity across the menstrual cycle.
iii. Professor Cohen-Kettenis & Dr. van Goozen (University Hospital Utrecht, Netherlands) - cognitive performance in transsexuals.

iv. Professor Green (Charing Cross Hospital) and Professor Hines (City University) - memory in transsexuals
v. Dr. Manning (University of Liverpool), Dr. Bereczkei (Jannus Pannonius University, Hungary) and Dr. Csatho (University of Pecs, Hungary) - cognition and somatic markers for prenatal testosterone levels.

Research Students

Since the last RAE the department has supervised 9 research students (including those currently being supervised). Two of these were funded internally, two were associated with the research assistantship scheme, and the remainder were self-funded. With one exception, all have proceeded or are in the course of proceeding to PhD level.

Conference and Seminar Organisation

Since the last RAE the Department has successfully hosted the following conferences, which were attended by many leading international academics:

International Seminar on Reasoning & Thinking (1999). Organised by Dr. Hardman.
Looking for Environmental Psychology in the UK (1999). Organised by Dr. Ungar.

The department, together with City University and University College London, also funds a weekly intercollegial seminar on Judgment and Decision Making. This is organised by Dr. Hardman, who advertises the seminars via the electronic mailing list <decision@mailbase.ac.uk> of which he is the co-owner (with Dr. Anand, Dept. of Economics, Open University). The seminars are also advertised on the web at http://www.lgu.ac.uk/psychology/staff/hardman/ljdm.html

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