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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Evidence of Esteem

1. Kalaitzidakis et al. ranking of European Economics Departments
(European Economic Review 1999, p1150-1168),
In this survey, London Guildhall’s performance among qualifying UK Departments was very commendable, especially in view of the need to overcome poor research tradition and ad hoc research funding in post 1992 Universities. Based on aggregating the separate entries for City of London Polytechnic and London Guildhall, the Department was ranked 30th among qualifying UK Departments. This placed it ahead of many established departments based on various measures of the total number of pages published in top journals by an institution. Per-capita rankings would have put us substantially higher given that our number of active researchers is but a fraction of the number of many of the higher ranked institutions. It should be noted that this survey covered a period before the Department's increasing emphasis on research.

2. Refereed Conference Presentations
These have increased sharply in recent years (number of presentations in parentheses):

(i) Royal Economic Society Annual Conference:
1998 (2); 1999 (4); 2000 (4); 2001 (2)
(ii) Econometric Society European Meeting:
1998 (2); 1999 (4)
(iii) Money Macro and Finance Annual Conference:
1998 (2); 1999 (4); 2000 (4)
(iv) European Economic Association Meeting:
1999 (2); 2000 (1)
(v) Society for Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics Annual

1999 (1); 2000 (2)
(vi) EC2 Conference Financial Econometrics:
1999 (2)
(vii) European Society History of Economic Thought Annual

1998 (1); 1999 (1); 2000 (1); 2001 (1)
(viii) Workshop on Economic Dynamics (CENDEF University of Amsterdam):
2000 (1)
(ix) International Symposium on Forecasting:
1996(1); 1998 (1); 2000 (1)
(x) Society for Computational Economics Annual Conference:
2000 (1)
(xi) Computational Finance/Forecasting Financial Markets:
1998 (1); 2000 (1)
(xii) American History of Economics Society Annual Conference:
1997 (1); 1998 (1); 2000 (1)
(xiii) Charles Gide Association Annual Conference on Economic Modelling:
1999 (1)
(xiv) Multinational Finance Society Annual Conference:
1998 (2); 1999 (1); 2001 (1)
(xv) French Society for Social Economics:
2001 (1)
(xvi) Chinese Economics Association (UK) Annual Conference:
1996 (1); 1997 (1); 1998 (1); 1999 (1)
(xvii) European Finance Association Annual Conference:
1998(1); 2001 (1)
(xviii) Asia-Pacific Finance Conference:
1999 (1)
(ixx) International Economics and Finance Society (UK):
2001 (1)

3. Refereeing for Journals
Members of the Department regularly referee articles for the following international journals (over and above other national journals):
Economic Journal; European Economic Review; Economica; Economics Letters; Oxford Economic Papers; Oxford Bulletin of Economics & Statistics; History of Political Economy; Journal of International Money and Finance; International Journal of Finance and Economics; International Journal of Forecasting; Journal of Comparative Economics; Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control; Journal of Forecasting; Journal of Public Economics; Manchester School; Review of International Economics; International Review of Applied Economics; European Journal of Finance; Philosophy and Economics; Journal of the History of Economic Thought.

4. Other Scholarly Activities
Individual members of the Department have engaged in a wide range of other scholarly activities:
(i) Professor Nick Sarantis has been a member of the editorial board of Economic Issues since 1996.
(ii) Professor Jerry Coakley has been a member of the Royal Economic Society Annual Conference Committee since 1998 and of the executive committee of the International Economics and Finance Society (UK) since 2000.
(iii) Dr Zinan Liu is on the board of the Chinese Economics Association (UK), and was its president during 1997-98.
(iv) Dr Amos Witztum has been Acting Book Reviews Editor of Economica since 1998.
(v) Members of the Department have examined PhD theses in a number of universities, including Cambridge, City, de Montfort, Greenwich, Imperial College, Leicester, Loughborough, Middlesex, Open University, Oxford Brookes, Queen Mary and Westfield College, Salford, Sheffield, SOAS, University College, Westminster and York.

(vi) Staff regularly publish book reviews in journals such as Economica, Economic Journal, Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Common Market Studies and Regional Studies.

Users of this website should note that the information is not intended to be a complete record of all research centres in the UK

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