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RA6d: Additional observations, Additional information

Additional Information.
(a) PhDs
Since the last RAE, the following young researchers have completed their PhDs: Drakos (Essex), Fuertes (Valladolid, Spain), Kellard (Nottingham), Stewart (Guildhall) and Wood (awarded the Psion annual prize for best thesis at Imperial College Management School). Two other staff not submitted (T Conibear and David Wilson) also completed their PhDs.

(b) Critical mass
The Department is relatively small by comparison with leading UK research Departments. However it is felt that a critical mass has been achieved because of the high value attached to research and a clearer research focus on a limited number of areas.

(c) Indicators of international visibility.

As is evident from RA2 many of the Department's publications are in international journals such as the EJ, JIE, EL, JCE, JIMF, OEP, OBES, and JBF. Many of the refereed Conference presentations have been at international events such as ESEM and EEA. Witztum was one of the invited keynote speakers at the French Association of Social Economics Annual Conference at Toulouse, September 2000. Coakley was an invited discussant at the French-British Macroeconomics Workshop at the University of Paris, November 2000, jointly organised by the MMF and TMM (Theories et Methodes de al Macroeconomie) Groups.
The Department's work gets cited by prominent researchers. For example, Pearlman is quoted by Sargent (Hoover Institution Working Papers 2001, 2000 ) and by Svensson and Woodford (NBER WP 7953, 2000); Coakley et al. 1996 are cited by PCB Phillips and Moon (Econometric Reviews, 2000); Coakley et al 1998 by Obstfeld and Rogoff (NBER WP 2000); Coakley & Fuertes 1997 by Baltagi and Kao (Advances in Econometrics 15, 2000), Sarantis by Madsen (Economic Journal, 1998), and Witztum 1997 by John Slater (Economics and Philosophy, 2000) .

(d) Forthcoming publications of note.
Active researchers have a number of forthcoming publications of similar quality to those reported in RA2. The cited LGU Discussion Paper (output 3) by Harper is forthcoming in Oxford Economic Papers. The cited CEPR Discussion Paper by Pearlman (output 4) is forthcoming in the Journal of Development Economics. Others include Empirical Economics (Sarantis & Stewart); International Journal of Forecasting (Sarantis); Manchester School (Sarantis & Stewart; Pearlman; Coakley & Fuertes); Review of Financial Economics (Menyah); Journal of Policy Modelling (Coakley & Fuertes); Applied Financial Economics (Kellard; Coakley & Fuertes (2)); International Review of Financial Analysis (Drakos); Journal of Economic Integration (Drakos); Journal of Economic Development (Drakos); Economics Letters (J Wilson); International Journal of Industrial Organisation (J Wilson).

Users of this website should note that the information is not intended to be a complete record of all research centres in the UK

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