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Research in Business and Management at London Guildhall University occurs almost entirely in the Department of Business Studies. The other Department covered by Unit 43 in this University (the Department of Management and Professional Development) is concerned in the main with preparing students for the external examinations of professional bodies such as the Chartered Insurance Institute, the Institute of Credit Management, the Association of Taxation Technicians, ACCA, CAM, the Institute of Bankers, and so on. Within the Department of Business Studies, research activity is focused on two research centres: the Centre for International Transport Management (CITM) which was established in 1992, and the recently founded Centre for Research in Corporate and Marketing Communications (CERCOMS) which has operated since 1999. Although the CITM has been engaged in academic research since its formation in 1992, the development of the research function within the Department accelerated from 1997 onwards, consequent to the appointment of a new and research active Head of Department (entered in the RAE under a different Unit of Assessment), the engagement of two readers, and the implementation of formal Departmental research strategies and policies.

Significant progress has been made since 1997 and the collective publication records of research active staff within the Department have been substantial. In the five years since the 1996 Research Assessment Exercise the seven people now listed in RA2 published a total of 85 articles in refereed academic journals, 74 papers in the proceedings of international conferences, nineteen books, and eleven chapters in edited volumes.

Research has taken an increasingly high priority in Departmental funding decisions since 1997, and the Department now finances two readers and a senior research fellow entirely from its own resources. A professor in the Department is partly financed by the London School of Foreign Trade. The latter has supported the CITM since its inception, and provided the initial funding for one of the department's readers and a senior research fellow. Internal sabbaticals, teaching remission and study leave for research are actively supported. Responsibility for the management of research within the Department lies with a Research and Staff Development Committee chaired by one of the Department’s readers. This committee considers bids for financial assistance for research projects submitted by members of the teaching staff and oversees the recruitment and progress of research students. The CITM has graduated two PhD students and one MPhil student since 1996, and has seven MPhil/PhD students currently registered. Additionally Dr. Mervyn Rowlinson of the CITM is supervising three PhD students at Southampton Institute. Professor James McConville is also supervising a PhD student at Southampton. Since its inception in 1999 CERCOMS has recruited four MPhil/PhD students, the first of which will be examined in 2001.

Teaching relief is typically offered for individual research projects, although members of the CITM in particular have also undertaken a considerable volume of collaborative research, both with fellow Centre colleagues and with others outside London Guildhall University. For instance, the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Environment, Transport and the Regions, together with the Marine Society, have for the past five years sponsored the annual production by the Centre of the Shipping Industry’s Manpower Statistics „UK Analysis of Seafarers“. (The figures for June 2000 are currently being processed.) Another example of external collaboration was the organisation in 1999/2000 of a joint conference with the National Research Council in Naples and the University of Antwerp. Further collaboration is being pursued under the European Fifth Framework Programme. In particular the CITM has been subcontracted by Napier University to develop an operational model for coastal ro-ro services. This is an ESRC funded programme with a total budget of approximately £100,000. The programme (entitled "Marine Motorways") also involves Herriot- Watt University and a number of shipping/ parts groups. It seeks to investigate the sea carraige of road trailers along the UK coast. The CITM's contribution is an assessment of the relevant shipping and parts technology in relation to commercial constraints. Over the period 1996-2000 the Centre has attracted approximately £350,000 from Trade and Charity sources, notably from the UK Chamber of Shipping, the Marine Society, the Nautical Institute,the LSFT, Maritime London, and NUMAST. CERCOMS was formally constituted as a university research centre in 2000 (previously it was a Departmental Research Group) and has established research staff exchange programmes with Copenhagen Business School and the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium. It has raised approximately £20,000 from external industry and charity sources.

Staffing Policy

It is Departmental policy wherever feasible is to replace retiring members of staff with younger and RAE research active people. It has to be recognised, however, that because the Department is so heavily involved in sub-degree (HND and professional) programmes, this is not always possible. Nevertheless, the Department wishes to develop its research capacity as comprehensively as possible in order to underpin its undergraduate provision, to ensure that curricula and unit contents are driven by the latest thinking in relevant disciplines and, critically, to support its postgraduate programmes. The CITM runs an MSc in International Trade and Transport. CERCOMS will offer an MA in Marketing Communications from 2002.

In line with its research development objectives, the Department has succeeded in attracting a number of younger research active lecturers who, while not appearing in the Department’s present RAE submission, will greatly improve its future research performance. Ms Alexandra Muresan, for example, was recruited in 1999 and has already begun to publish in academic journals and to present papers at international conferences in the Tourism Places Marketing field. Ms Radka Koudelova also joined the Department in 1999 as a research assistant and has had articles accepted for publication in the International Marketing Review, the Journal of Brand Management and the International Journal of Services Technology and Management. It is Departmental policy to train and develop research assistants for more substantial academic positions.

Another active researcher, Dr. Geraldine Clarke, was employed by the Department between 1998 and 2000, during which period she published two articles in Corporate Communications: An International Journal and a paper in the proceedings of the International Marketing and Purchasing (IMP) Group Conference held in Dublin in 1999. Dr. Clarke was awarded her PhD in September 2000. Her thesis concerned corporate communications in the UK financial sector and led to a number of papers that will be published over the next 18 months. A further project completed by Dr. Clarke during her stay with London Guildhall University involved marketing communications in the investment industry (in conjunction with a colleague from the University of San Francisco) and this has also generated a number of papers that were being submitted to journals and conferences at the time of Dr. Clarke’s resignation. Dr. John Wilson completed his PhD in Industrial Organisation in 2000 immediately prior to his taking a Lectureship in Management at the University of St. Andrews. During the period 1998-2000 Dr. Wilson published in the Journal of Services Management and, at the time of his resignation, had received acceptances for papers submitted to three other journals. He also finished a book (co-authored with Dr. John Lipczynski another member of the Business Studies Department) on industrial structure that will be published by McGraw Hill in 2001.

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