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Centre for International Transport Management

Members of the CITM have addressed research seminars and international conferences in their fields of expertise throughout the world. In 1999 the Centre organised an international colloquium in conjunction with the Research Institute on Service Activities, Naples, which was held in Italy in June. Selected papers from the Colloquium formed a special issue of Maritime Policy and Management (Vol. 17, No. 4) published in September 2000. A special Colloquium at the Royal Society of Arts chaired by Gwyneth Dunwoody MP launched the publication of the ‘Employment Characteristics of UK Seafarers’ and explored the major findings and issues generated by the research. The CITM was co-organiser of a conference ‘The Maritime Industry into the New Millennium: The Interaction of Theory and Practice’, held in Naples, Italy, in September 2000 in conjunction with the Instituto Universitario Navale, Naples, and the International Association of Maritime Economists. Further, the Centre has welcomed and accommodated a number of eminent visiting researchers, such as Professor Patrick Alderton of the World Maritime University, Professor I. Matsumoto of the University of Nagasaki, Japan, Professor Yasumori Doi of the Ritumeikan University of Japan, and Mr. Trygve Meyer, Director of Intertanko. Professor James McConville is the Editor of the refereed scholarly international journal Maritime Policy and Management published by Taylor and Francis Ltd. He also sits on the editorial board responsible for the Proceedings of the annual conference of the Chartered Institute of Transport. Professor McConville is a member of the Parliamentary Martitime Group, an all-party group in both Houses, which includes representatives of certain companies, professional researchers and other organisations involved in maritime activities. In addition to his work published in scholarly academic journals, Professor McConville has produced several books since 1996, including Transport in Transition (joint editor with J. Sheldrake), ISBN 1-85628-664-9, Avebury, 1997; Transport Regulation Matters, ISBN 1085567-386-X, Cassell, 1997; Urban Transport: An International Annotated Bibliography, ISBN 0-7201-2335-6, Cassell, 1997; and Economics of Maritime Transport: Theory and Practice, ISBN 1-85628-664-9, Witherby, 1999. He is a Specialist Adviser to the House of Commons Select Committee on Transport, which has required him to attend the House of Commons on a weekly basis. This work has led to two House of Commons reports: "The Coastguard Agency", and "The Future of UK Shipping". He is currently engaged as a Special Adviser to the governmental Environmental, Transport and Regions Committee which is investigating Inland Waterways. Additionally he holds Visiting Professorships at the World Maritime University in Malmo, Sweden and at the University of Antwerp.

Dr. Glen and Dr. Leggate have provided evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee on the enquiry into the Future of UK Shipping. A summary of the UK Seafarer Analysis 1997 produced by the Centre was published as an annex to the White Paper 'British Shipping: Charting a New Course', and appeared on the DETR webside. In 2000 the DETR and MoD agreed to provide joint funding to Professor McConville and Dr. Glen to update and maintain the officer database over the next three years. This is in recognition of the significant improvement in knowledge about officer numbers and trends which has resulted from their research.

Centre for Research in Corporate and Marketing Communications

Since 1996 Dr Roger Bennett has published in a wide range of academic journals other than those listed in RA2, and has authored a number of textbooks in the marketing and management fields. The items shown in RA2 were selected on the basis of their having appeared in journals which have very high rankings in the ANBAR Journal Quality League Tables (ISSN 1360 - 709X www.anbar/
excellence/research97.htm). Other highly rated journals in which his work has appeared since 1996 include the International Journal of Technology Management; the International Journal of Advertising; the Journal of Strategic Marketing; the Journal of Marketing Communications; the International Review of Retail Distribution and Consumer Research; the International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management; the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing; and the Journal of Consumer Marketing. His textbooks published during the review period include International Marketing: Strategy, Planning, Market Entry and Implementation, 2nd edn., Kogan Page, 1998 (ISBN 07494 22726); International Business, 2nd edn., Pearson/FT Publishing, 1999, (ISBN 0273 63429 1); and Corporate Strategy, FT Publishing, 1999 (ISBN 0273 63430 5). In 1997 Dr. Bennett won the ‘outstanding paper of the year award’ of the journal International Marketing Review. The following year he was runner-up for the outstanding paper of the year award for the International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, and has twice received the runner-up award for the best paper presented at the International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications (1997 in Antwerp and 1998 in Strathclyde University, Glasgow). He is the managing editor of the Marketing and Logistics Internet Research Register, a register of work-in-progress in the marketing area published on-line by MCB University Press (http://www.mcbup.com/research-registers/mkt/
sponsors.asp). Dr. Bennett serves on the editorial boards of the International Marketing Review, the Journal of Marketing Communications, and Corporate Reputation Review: An International Journal.

As well as the four items listed in RA2, Ms Helen Gabriel has published in a variety of other academic marketing journals including the International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, the Journal of Communication Management, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, the Social Marketing Quarterly, and has papers in press with the European Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. She has presented papers at the annual conferences of the British Academy of Management, the Academy of Marketing, the American Marketing Association, the European Marketing Association, and at the International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications.

Ms Rita Kottasz joined the Department in April 1999 as a Research Assistant, subsequently becoming a Research Fellow and, in October 2000, Lecturer. As well as the papers appearing in RA2 Ms Kottasz has also published in Disaster Relief and Management: An International Journal and has a paper awaiting publication in the Journal of Non profit and Public Sector Marketing (Haworth Press Inc.) She has presented papers at the annual conference of the British Academy of Management, the International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications, the Summer Educators’ Conference of the American Marketing Association, the Australia and New Zealand Marketing Association and the annual conferences of the UK Academy of Marketing and the US Academy of Marketing Science.

Industry Links

The Centre for International Transport Management maintains strong links with industry and professional bodies, which continue to support and co-operate in its on-going research programme. It enjoys a close working relationship with P&O, Gibsons Shipbrokers, Lloyds Register, Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, and Maritime Institute of Malaysia, of which Professor McConville and Dr. Leggate are research associates. The status of the CITM within the transport and shipping industry is evidenced by the substantial financial support it has received from industry sources. The Centre received a five-year grant of £130,000 from the London School of Foreign Trade at its inception. Further LSFT grants of £105,000 and £120,000 financed two three-year research Fellowships, plus other activities of the Centre. In addition, members of the Centre have been awarded substantial sums from what are essentially consultancy contracts. These include assignments for the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, the Ministry of Defence, the Chamber of Shipping, and the Marine Society. These have been used to finance related research. Short courses for the international transport industry have also provided a method of research income generation.

Researchers within the two Centres are anxious to maintain links with relevant professional bodies in their respective fields. The CITM has long established connections with both the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and the Chartered Institute of Transport. Dr. Leggate is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. Dr. Bennett and Ms Gabriel are Chartered Marketers. Professor McConville is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Transport, of the Institute of Logistics and Transport, of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects, and of the Royal Society of Arts. Dr. Glen is Secretary of the International Association of Maritime Economists.

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