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The development of a high profile of research in psychology has been made against the backdrop of rapid and substantial change. In addition to research the staff group have contributed in other ways to the psychological and academic community.

Public output

In addition to publications in refereed Journals the staff group have produced published books, professional reports and contributed to radio, television and newspaper media. The research produced by Dr Tony Lawrence, Dr Tony Cassidy, Dr David Giles and Dr Sara Willott has received extensive and positive coverage in the national and international media. An Achievement Motivation Scale devised by Dr Cassidy has been widely used internationally since its publication 1n 1989. It has been translated into Hebrew, German and Thai amongst other languages and has been used by the Thailand Education Authority. It has been used in many research studies internationally.

Externally funded research income.

The main generation of external funding has focused on Professor Wallace who has attained funding of over £300k in the past 3 years. She has attracted £15,200 for research on teenage conception, and £1,000 from the NHS combined with HEFCE funds for a study on risk perception and osteoporosis. She has completed a small grant of £3,400 from the British Psychological Society on the employability of health psychologists, published in Health Psychology Update. She has two further grants totalling £7,500 from the NHSE in the field of health inequalities, race and disability in 1999/2000. Professor Wallace and Dr Orla Dunn have also obtained a substantial award from the Department of Health to evaluate the Best Start Breast Feeding Programme. Although the funds are not based at Coventry University, Dr Sheila Bonas has acquired funding of £90,000 based at Warwick University for a collaborative project on smoking behaviour. Dr Tony Lawrence acquired funding from the European Association for Psycho-physical Research to support two studentships. Dr John Williams is a joint holder on a £10k grant based at Imperial College in London.

Editing and refereeing Journals

Dr. Lawrence, is a member of editorial board for the European Journal of Parapsychology. Professor Wallace referees papers for the Journal of Integrative Care, the Journal of Evidence Based Management and the Journal of Psychosomatic Research. Dr Cassidy referees for the British Journal of Psychology, the British Journal of Health Psychology, Psychology, Crime and Law, Applied Cognitive Psychology, Counselling Psychology Quarterly and the Journal of Social and Applied Psychology. Dr Cushway referees papers for the British Journal of Clinical Psychology. Dr Giles referees papers for the British Journal of Psychology. Dr Williams referees papers for the International Journal of Psychophysiology and the Journal of Psychophysiology.

External examining

Dr Cushway is external examiner for the MA in Gestalt Therapy and the Clinical Psychology Doctorate at UEL and has been external examiner on Doctoral theses at the Universities of Leeds and Leicester.
Dr Cassidy is external examiner for the Masters in Research Methods at the University of Ulster.
Dr Cassidy, Julie Harrower, and Hugh Coolican are involved in external examining at the undergraduate level and Dr Cassidy has examined Doctoral theses at UCN and the University of Sussex.

Awards and membership of professional bodies

Professor Wallace is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS). She is a member of the BPS Division of Health Psychology committee, an invited member of the BPS Centre for Outcomes Research and Effectiveness Steering Group, the Psychology Sector Committee of the Science, Technology and Mathematics National Training Organisation, NICE Partners Council, and a non-executive director of Investors in People (UK).
Professor Wallace represents the University on the Advisory Group and Academic Partner’s Group of the Warwick/West Midlands Primary Care research network.
Dr Cassidy is a Fellow of the RSA, an Associate Fellow of the BPS, a member of the Division of Health Psychology of the BPS, a member of the Special Interest Group in Community Psychology of the BPS, an invited member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the New York Academy of Science and a founder member of the European Association for Work and Organisational Psychology.
Dr Lawrence is an invited member of the Parapsychological Society, the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, the Society for Psychical Research, the Society for Scientific Exploration and the Scientific and Medical Network.
Dr Williams is a member of the British Psychophysiology Society.

Other indices of esteem

Research by Dr Tony Lawrence is cited in the main Parapsychology texts such as Radin, D. (1997). The Conscious Universe. Harper: San Francisco and Irwin, H. (1998). An Introduction to Parapsychology. 3rd Edition. McFarland, Inc.: North Carolina and in Hayes, N. (1998). Foundations of Psychology. Thomas Nelson and Sons: London. Research by Dr Tony Cassidy is cited in current UK texts on Work and Organisational Psychology (e.g. Arnold, J Cooper, C L & Robertson, I T (1998) Work Psychology, 3rd Ed. London. Prentice-Hall and Porteous, M (1997) Occupational Psychology, London, Prentice-Hall ) and in other works such as Argyle, M (1997) The Psychology of Social Class, London, Routledge, Argyle, M & Furnham, A (1999) The psychology of money. London, Routledge and Vru, A (2000) Detecting Lies and Deceit. Chichester. Wiley. Dr Cassidy has also been invited to write a review for the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science.

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