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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Staff on influential committees and working parties:
Dr P A Claisse. Member, American Concrete Institute Comm. 236 on Material Science of Concrete.
P S M Cross-Rudkin. Member, Editorial Board for Bibliographical Dictionary of Civil Engineers
(1996- ); Member, Panel for Historical Engineering Works (1990- ) Institution of
Civil Engineers.
Dr A R J Dainty. Member, DETR/CIB Working Group on Equal Opportunities, part of Latham
Review, (1996).
Dr T A Dijkstra Secretary for UK-IGCP 425 (UNESCO/Int. Union of Geological Sciences) Project:
‘Forecasting Medium to Long-Term Slope Stability in a Context of Progressive
Environmental Change’.
Dr Anne Eyre Member, Int. Advisory Group, British Red Cross/NGOs’ research project ‘Natural Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation’, (1999).
J N Karadelis. Member, National Technical Committee, British Board of Agrément.
Drs P A Claisse, A R J Dainty and J W Davies, and Prof. C J Pratt. Reviewers of grant applications and/or final reports for EPSRC.

Staff who have received international recognition:
Dr A R J Dainty. Invited author of chapter in European Construction Labour Research Observatory,
Place of Women in the Construction Industry Labour Market, (1999).
Dr D Dominey-Howes. Invited lectures at Victorian Institute of Earth and Planetary Sciences,
Melbourne, Australia, (1999); at Indian Ocean Sub-Commission, Calcutta on
Coastal Quaternaries of the Bengal, (1999).
Study Fellowship at Tshoku University, Japan, sponsored by Japan Society for the
Promotion of Sciences, (2000).
Prof D W Gillingham. Member of Doctoral Commission, University of Lausanne, Switzerland.
L A Moseley. Special consultant to WHO on Planning Ahead for Health Impact of Complex Emergencies, Geneva, (1999).
Invited contributor to EU Pilot Course on Disaster Medicine, Sweden, (1999).
Invited participant in WHO - EHA review of Emergency Health Management and
Training, Geneva, (2000).
Prof. C J Pratt. External Examiner, PhD, University of Auckland, New Zealand (2000).

Staff who have received industry/community recognition:
G H Briscoe. Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Employment Research, Warwick University, (1996- ).
Invited speaker at CIRIA meeting on Multi-skilling Practices for the Movement for Innovation, (1997).
Prof. C J Pratt. Invited contractor for Case Studies of UK Infiltration Drainage Practice, Funders’
Project Report 22, CIRIA, (1996).
Invited speaker, ASCE Engineering Foundation Conference, Malmo, Sweden,
Invited contributor to IAWQ Dictionary of Terms in Urban Drainage, (1999). Invited co-author, Sustainable Urban Drainage in England and Wales (Report
C522); and, Scotland and NI (Report C521), CIRIA, (2000)
Dr M Saidani. Chairman, UK Division of Structural Morphology Group (1999- ).

Staff contributing to conference organisations:
G H Briscoe. Workshop Convenor, CITB Meeting on Partnering in Construction Industry, (1999).
K P Chapman. Session Chairman, World Housing Congress, Ankara, Turkey, (1996); and Sinai,
Romania, (1997).
Member, Int. Organising Committee, World Housing Congress, Lisbon, Portugal,
(1998); and San Fransisco, USA, (1999).
Dr A R J Dainty Member, Organising Committee, 15th & 16th Confs. of Assoc. of Researchers in Const. Management., Liverpool John Moores (1999), Glasgow Caledonian 2000).
Dr J W Davies. Member, Organising Committee, 4th Int. Conf. on Developments in Urban Drainage
Modelling, Imperial College, London, (1998).
Dr D Dominey-Howes. Member, Organising Committee, Africa Studies Association Symposium
‘Dimensions of Vulnerability’; and Chairman, Technical Theme ‘Disasters and
Vulnerability, (1999).
Prof. C J Pratt. Organiser/Chairman for twice-yearly Standing Conference on Stormwater Source
Control (1 day meetings), (1996- ).
Dr M Saidani. Session Chairman Int. Conf. on Lightweight Structures in Civil Engineering Warsaw, Poland (1998).

Staff engaged in editorial/review activities:
G H Briscoe. Guest Editor: Special Edition of Employment and Training Issues in
Construction Industry for Construction Management and Economics, (1998).
Dr P A Claisse. Reviewer of papers for Journal of Materials, American Concrete Institute.
Dr A R J Dainty. Reviewer of papers for Construction Management and Economics; Engineering
Construction; Architectural Management; and Journal of Construction
Procurement; Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Australian Institution of Quantity Surveyors.
Dr J W Davies. Reviewer of papers for Journal of Water Research.
T J Davis Reviewer of papers for Journal of Construction and Building Materials.
Dr D Dominey-Howes. Reviewer of papers for Special Edition of Int. Journal Pure and Applied
Physics, devoted to tsunamis, (2000).
Dr Anne Eyre Guest Editor: Special Edition of Int. Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters, (March, 2000).
J N Karadelis. Reviewer of papers for Journal of Construction and Building Materials.
A P Newman. Reviewer of papers for Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry; The Analyst;
and the Journal of Environmental Monitoring.
Prof. C J Pratt. Editor, Proceedings of Standing Conference on Stormwater Source Control.
M W Simons. Reviewer of papers for The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air
Conditioning Engineers; Int. Society for Air Quality and Climate; and The Air
Infiltration and Ventilation Centre.

Staff invited to give keynote addresses:
K P Chapman. ‘Project Management - UK Perspective’, Institute per la Residenza e le
Infrastructure Sociali, Bari, Italy, (1999).
‘Prioritising Maintenance Expenditure in Social Housing’ Maintenance and Rehabilitation Congress Argentina, (2000).
Prof. C J Pratt. ‘Towards Sustainable Drainage’, CIWEM South Western Branch Training Day,

Staff in collaboration with other research establishments:
Dr A R J Dainty Loughborough, Reading, Salford, Strathclyde and UMIST on EPSRC/ESRC Research Grants; external examiner for research degree Portsmouth University.
Dr J W Davies. Imperial College, Sheffield Hallam, Sheffield, Abertay Dundee, and Heriot Watt Universitites on EPSRC Research Grants; external examiner for research degree at Liverpool John Moores University.
Dr T A Dijkstra. Utrecht and London (Royal Holloway) Universities; Geological Hazards Research
Institute, China on research into landslides in loess in China; British Geological
Survey/Montserrat Volcanic Observatory on volcanic ash studies; UK-wide
research institutions as Secretary for UK-IGCP 425 on Slope Stability Forecasting.
Dr D Dominey-Howes. UCL and Southampton Universities; Department of Conservation,
Wellington, N. Zealand; Monash University, Australia; and Bologna Univ., Italy.
Prof. D W Gillingham. External Examiner for research degrees at Bradford, Nottingham Trent and
Napier Universities.
A P Newman. Manchester Metropolitan University.
Prof. C J Pratt. External examiner for research degrees at Universities of Hertfordshire, Middlesex
and Sheffield; PhD supervision of a member of staff at Nottingham Trent University
Dr M Saidani Nottingham Dundee and Sheffield Universities; external examiner for research degree at Surrey University.

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