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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Editorships of journals and book series: Edmonds
–Joint Editor Journal of Memetics: Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission (1997/01), Harris and Moss D -Editors Journal of Public Affairs (2001), Thorpe –Series Editor (with Easterby-Smith) of the Sage Series in Management Research, International & Cross-Cultural Management Research, (1998), Critical Management Research (1999), Grounded Theory in Management Research (2001), Management Research: An Introduction (2001).

Editorial board memberships: BaronJournal of Services Marketing, EdmondsEntropy, Harris -European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Political Marketing, Journal of Marketing Theory, JeremyAccounting, Business and Financial History, Journal of Industrial History, JonesInternational Journal of Business Performance Management, LucasEmployee Relations Review, Moss DJournal of Marketing Communications, Journal of Communication Management, Moss S -Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, Revue des Systemes Multi Agents, PendletonIndustrial Relations Journal, Work, Employment and Society, Thorpe -Management Learning.

Guest editorships: BaronEuropean Journal of Marketing (2000), EdmondsComputational and Mathematical Organisation Theory (1999), Harris, Moss DJournal of Communication Management (1999, 2000), HarrisJournal of Marketing Management (1997), European Journal of Marketing (1996), JonesInternational Journal of Production Economics (1997), International Journal of Innovation Management (1998), Kuznetsov - Journal of East West Business (2000), Moss DJournal of Marketing Communications (1998), Taylor Employee Relations (2000), ThorpeBritish Journal of Management (2000).

Professor Arnold (Queens University Canada), Professor Benders (Nijmegen Business School), Dr Conte (National Research Council Rome), Dr Downing (University of Oxford), Dr Forrester (University of Windsor Canada), Professor Goto (Shiga University, Japan), Professor Heise (University of Economics Vienna), Professor Levine (University of Surrey), Dr Michaelson (University of Sydney), Dr Pandza (University of Maribor), Professor Pavlica (University of Economics Prague), Dr Poutsma (Nijmegen Business School), Dr Ruiz-Mercader (Universidad de Murcia), Professor Sommer (UC Berkeley), Professor Tabata (Osaka City University Japan), Dr Vertova (Universita di Bergamo), Professor Vis (UC Berkeley), Dr Westcott (University of Sydney), Professor Yuzawa (Gakushuin University, Tokyo).

Outwards: Harris -Visiting Associate Professor University of Otago (NZ), Jeremy –Osaka City University Fellowship for Foreign Researchers, Kuznetsov –ERASMUS Visiting Fellow Universidad de Murcia, Visiting Fellow Centre for Russian and Central European Studies University of Toronto, Moss D –Visiting Professor Oklahoma State University, Visiting Professor Ball State University, Parker –Visiting Fellow Manchester Business School, Pendleton –Visiting Research Fellow National Key Centre in Industrial Relations Monash University Melbourne, Distinguished Visiting Research Fellow Department of Industrial Relations University of Sydney, Rose –Visiting Professor University of Alborg Sweden, Taylor –Visiting Lecturer UMIST, Thorpe –Visiting Professor University of Economics Prague, Tüselmann –Visiting Associate Professor University of Economics Vienna, Research Fellow Economic and Social Research Institute Germany, Research Fellow German-British Chamber of Commerce London.

–Member Panel of Judges for Academy of Marketing Science’s Doctoral Dissertation Competition (1997/98), Berry -Member Executive Committee BAM (1994/01), Chair Management Control Association (1989/97), Harris -Chair Academy of Marketing (1997/01), Fellow Chartered Institute of Marketing (1997/01), Member American Marketing Association Global Interest Board (1997/01), Honorary Member of Australian Marketing Institute (1997/01), Kuznetsov –Founding Member International Association of Cross-Cultural Competence (1997), Lucas –Associate Director Hospitality and Tourism Virtual Academy (1996/01), Member Working Group Labour Market Intelligence and Higher Education in the North West (1998/01), Executive Committee Member of BUIRA (1999/01), Moss D –Elected Chairman of the Public Relations Educators Forum (2000), Member CERP Education working party on European Public Relations 'Body of Knowledge' (1998/01), Moss S –Coordinator Agent Based Simulation Special Interest Group of AgentLink (the ESPRIT European Network of Excellence in Agent Based Computing) (1999/01), Member Management Committee AgentLink (1999/01), Pendleton –ESRC Senior Management Research Fellow (1998/00), Sunderland –ESRC Research Fellow (2000/01), Thorpe –Secretary then Vice-Chair of BAM (1996/01), Member ESRC Management and Business Panel reviewing Post-Graduate Training Guidelines (2000/01), Member BAM Training and Network Subcommittee (1996/00), Tutor ESRC Teaching Fellows Scheme (1996), Co-founder BAM Performance Management SIG (2000/01), Member Academic Board Prague International Business School (1998/01), Member Academic Board Manchester Science and Enterprise Centre (2000/01).

-Syndicate Chair at the DTIs National Retail Education Group Forum, Bennison –Consultant to The Association of Town Centre Management, Harris –Consultant to Management Consultants Association, Consultant to Granada TV, Advisor to Nolan and Neill Committees on Standards in Public Life, Jones –External Research Accreditor Management Research Unit University of Minho Portugal, Lucas –Consultant to Low Pay Commission, Consultant to DfEE and HCIMA, Consultant to Shadow Secretaries of State for Employment, the CBI and the TUC, Adviser to Labour Research, the GMB and Channel 4 Poverty Commission, Consultant to Radio 4 and the Observer, Adviser International Centre for Research and Consultancy, Moss D –Advisor on IPRA Academic Council for Educators, Moss S –Consultant to United Distillers and TSB (with Henley Centre of Forecasting), United Utilities PLC, Environment Agency, DETR, Pendleton –Consultant to DfID, International Labour Office, European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, Directorate of Employment and Social Affairs of European Commission, Member of Treasury/Inland Revenue Advisory Group, Thorpe -Member Accreditation Body (CAMBAS) MBAs for the Czech Republic, Member Steering Group NHS Integrating Health Information, Chair Advisory Board New Entrepreneurship Scholarship Scheme, Member Advisory Board and Research Committee of the Manchester Science and Enterprise Challenge, Member of ABS/DfEE Advisory Group reporting on relationship between Business Schools and Small Firms to the Council for Leadership and Excellence, Tüselmann –Advisor to German Ministry of Economics (FDI Division), Member of German negotiating team on Multilateral Agreement on Investment at OECD Paris, Advisor/Researcher German Ministry of Economics, the EU and the OECD, Advisor German-British Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Tweedale – Member Wadsworth Prize Committee for the Business Archives Council.

Major monographs by staff of the CBH have been well received by the academic community. Jeremy - A Business History of Britain, 1900 – 1990s (OUP, 1998) was hailed as „excellently researched…a general reference guide for the study of business history“ (Economic History Review, 52 (4), 1999, p.813), Tweedale - Magic Mineral to Killer Dust (OUP, 2000) was described in New Scientist (15 April 2000) as a „fascinating and moving account of the asbestos industry in Britain“. The Centre for Policy Modelling (Moss S, Edmonds, Rose) is the core modelling team amidst a group of world-class institutes (Oxford, ICIS Maastricht, Swiss Federal Institute of Science and Technology, Institute of Psychology, National Research Council Rome) in integrated assessment modelling in the FIRMA project, which was cited by the European Commission as an exemplary Fifth Framework research project in the Environment and Sustainable Development Programme with „real benefits to Europe’s citizens“. Moss S has been invited to deliver a keynote speech on agent-based modelling at the National Academy of Sciences Conference (2001) at UC.

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