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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Presented in group order as in RA5.
Prof Beadle sat on the Physicochemical and Biophysical panel of the Pesticides Group of the Society for Chemical Industry and was Chair of the Scientific Organising Committee of Neurotox '98, a major international conference of the Society. He was an invited speaker at the XIIIth World Congress of Toxicology (Paris 2000).
Dr Bermudez is secretary of the European Club of invertebrate neuroactive peptides. She was invited to give seminars at the University of Chile and the University of Havana, Cuba; University of Marseilles; University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg. Visits have been funded by the Wellcome Trust, Royal Society and CNRS.
Prof Hawes was invited to give a plenary talk at the Italian Botanical Congress 2000, and talks at the International EM Congress, the 2nd GFP symposium, the Canadian Plant Physiology Society annual meeting, the Robinson retirement symposium for Prof B Gunning, EUREM 2000, and the International Botanical Congress. He co-organised the IXth International Botanical Microscopy Meeting. He has been invited to give many research seminars in the UK and also at the Universities of New South Wales, California San Diego, Göttingen, Rouen, Australian National University, Texas A & M and CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette. He is currently a Biological Editor of the Journal of Microscopy and Deputy Editor of Cell Biology International and sat on the editorial boards of Trends in Plant Sciences and Micron. He has recently sat on Council of the Royal Microscopical Society and serves on the executive committee of the British Society of Cell Biology. The work of his group on the endomembrane system in plants was chosen to be presented at the 1999 Royal Society New Frontiers in Science Exhibition. He is a member of the Scientific Advisory Panel for the Oxfordshire Biotechnology Incubator. He was invited to write both Trends and Current Opinion reviews and to edit 'Plant Cell Biology - A Practical Approach'.
Dr Evans is an associate editor of the Journal of Experimental Botany and is on the Cell Biology Committee and Plant Transport Group Committee of the Society for Experimental Biology and also sits on Council. He has served on a BBSRC promotions panel and has chaired the Summer Studentships panel of the Royal Society. He was an invited rapporteur at a recent Royal Society alumnus meeting on Sustainability.
Dr Hodson has been invited to speak on his silicon in plants and the amelioration of aluminium toxicity at 12 major international/national conferences over the past 5 years including the International Conference on Aluminium Toxicity in Plants in Japan. He was invited to present 3 seminars in Israel, to give seminars (twice) at Dow and the University of California, and to address The Ernest & Julio Gallo wine company in California.
Prof Fell was invited to present his work at the Biothermokinetics Workshop (Belgium); the World Congress of Nonlinear Analysts (Athens); Metabolic Engineering (Danvers, MA); the Gesselscchaft für Biologische Chemie (Leipzig); European Science Foundation Conference on Control of Metabolic Flux (France); International Conference on Complex Systems (Nashua, NH); the Biothermokinetics Workshop (Gothebörg); the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Technological and Medical Implications of Metabolic Control Analysis (Visegrad); the meeting on Complexity Research and Biotechnology in Agriculture and Medicine (Montana) and the 40th symposium on Enzyme Regulation in Normal and Neoplastic Tissues (Indianapolis). He has given invited seminars and courses at CalTech, MIT, the Santa Fe Institute, the Technical University of Denmark, and the Universities of Bern, Bordeaux, Yale, Cambridge, and Minnesota. He was invited to partake in the NIGMS policy workshop on Metabolic Research in the New Millennium (Bethesda 1999). He has been a member of the programme committee of the last two (US) Engineering Foundation conferences on Metabolic Engineering (1998 and 2000). Fell has been a member of the editorial board of the Biochemical Journal and sits on the board of Metabolic Engineering. He is the Biochemical Society representative of the Management Committee of Clinical Science and has recently been invited to join the committee of the Biochemical Society's Regulation in Metabolism Group.
Prof King is a member of the BBSRC Biochemistry and Cell Biology Committee. She was invited to give presentations at the International Transient Gene Expression conference in Jersey, an ESACT annual meeting and an SCI Biopesticides conference. She is president of the European Society for Animal Cell Technology UK and has served as secretary and meetings secretary. She was a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of General Virology and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Panel for the Oxfordshire Biotechnology Incubator.
Prof Possee was invited to speak at the European Workshop on Animal Cell Engineering, Costa Brava, Spain and the Animal Cell Technology Industrial Platform meeting in Copenhagen. He has also been invited to present his work at various UK meetings. He is currently the editor of the Journal of General Virology and is an editorial board member of Virology. He also sat on the International Committee for the Taxonomy of Viruses.
Prof Groome was an invited speaker at the Serono symposia on inhibins in Tokushimu, Japan 1996 and Melbourne 2000; the UKNEQAS meeting; the International Congress of Clinical Chemistry, London; the German Andrology Society Meeting, Munster; and the International Meeting on the Endocrine Basis of Reproductive Function, Tampa; plus several UK based meetings. He serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Endocrinology.
Dr Brooks is a member of the editorial board of Molecular Biotechnology. She was secretary to the Cell Biology and Histochemistry Section Committee of the Royal Microscopical Society and currently serves on the committee and is a member of Council. She was invited to edit 'Metastasis Research Protocols', volumes I and II, part of the Methods in Molecular Medicine series and has recently been invited to edit a second book in the series on Breast Cancer Research Protocols. She is under contract to write 'An Introduction to Functional and Molecular Glycobiology' which will be published 2001.
Dr Goode is the co-ordinator of a major 'Public Understanding of Science' project 'Science for Life'. This is a consortium of Brookes, Cambridge and Greenwich Universities, with Oxfordshire BioLink (the area network of biotechnology SMEs) and Southern Bioscience, who are converting a pantechnicon into a mobile laboratory and exhibition to promote research into the Biosciences to the general public and school children.
Dr Smart was invited to speak at the European Brewing Convention Yeast Symposium at the BRI and the Jean De Clerk Conference at the Louvain Le Neurve Cathlique University. She has organised and presented at two International Yeast Fermentation Performance Congresses held in Oxford. In 1999 she was awarded the Institute of Brewing Cambridge Prize for Outstanding Contribution to Brewing Science and presented the prize lecture at Heriot Watt University, which was video-conferenced to brewing groups in five continents. She has recently been awarded a Royal Society/BBSRC Industrial Research Fellowship. In 2000 a book entitled 'Brewing Yeast Fermentation Performance' was published which Smart both edited and contributed to. She is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists and serves on the Institute of Brewing International Committee and Technical Committee, the American Society of Brewing Chemists Technical Committee and Programme Committees, the Society for General Microbiology Cells and Cell Surfaces Group, the European Brewing Convention Immobilisation and Yeast Genetics sub-groups.
Dr McCready is a member of the Liberal Democrats' Genetic Modification Working Group helping to devise party policy on genetic modification.
Prof Henry, an expert on international nutrition, is currently a Royal Society Visiting Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has been invited to speak at meetings of The Nutrition Society of Spain, the International Congress of Diatetics (Philippines), twice at the XI Scientific Palm Oil Conference and the International Palm Oil Research Congress (Malaysia), the 3rd Saudi Nutrition and Food Science Congress, the 23rd World Congress of the International Society for Fat Research, First International Symposium on Clinical Nutrition (Saudi Arabia), the 3rd International Congress of Nutrition & Dietetics (Turkey), the International Workshop for Improved Complementary Feeding in China, and the IDECG workshop on Human Aging (Boston). He has given invited seminars or run workshops at the AO Headquarters (Rome), National Institute of Nutrition (Hanoi), Royal College of Nursing, and Tufts University (Boston). He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition, an editor of the British Journal of Nutrition and editorial board member of the Encyclopaedia of Food and Nutrition and the CHO Bulletin. He is a member of the DfID Health & Population Research Committee and Crop Post-Harvest Research Programme, the Scientific Advisory Committee of the British Nutrition Foundation, and the Public Health Awards Committee. The Secretary of State for Health recently appointed him as a Board member of the Food Standards Agency. In 1999 he was appointed a UNICEF consultant on nutrition for India and China.
Prof Hardy was invited to speak at the 4th Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Society of Asia (Hong Kong); the IXth Congress of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (Buenos Aires); the 6th International Congress of Amino Acids (Bonn) and the Indian Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (PEN, New Delhi), plus several UK meetings. He sits on the Editorial Advisory Board of the International Journal of Applied and Basic Nutritional Sciences, is a section editor of Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care and editor of the British Pharmaceutical Nutrition Group (BPNG) newsletter. He is an Executive Committee member of BPNG and past secretary and treasurer. He is an Education Committee member of the British Association for PEN and a Nutrition Society Council Member. He is regulatory affairs consultant for Fresenium Kabi AG, Germany, and on the Scientific Advisory Board of the International Nutritional Science Education Research Fund.

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