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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Recipient of Ellinger-Gardonyi Medal of the Oil and Colour Chemists' Association. Was nominated Wake Memorial Lecturer of the Institute of Materials in 1999. Member of the Scientific Committee and honorary member of the Swiss Bonding Conference. Member of the Advisory and Editorial Boards of 3 journals, one of which provided a Special Issue in his honour in 1996. Organiser of the annual International Conferences on Adhesion and Adhesives.
Consultant to the European Commission and to DTI on European project management and proposal writing, and an advisor to the Italian government on research priorities. He is a member of the Advisory and Editorial Boards of 2 journals.
Secured a number of major grants from EPSRC, Agilent Technology, Royal Academy of Engineering. Extensive links with industry and her recent research involves close involvement of six major electronic manufacturing companies.
Member of the Certification and Examinations Committee of the British Society for Strain Measurements for 6 years and was Deputy Chairman of the Committee for 2 years. Reviewer for the IMechE Journal of Automobile Engineering. Recently promoted to Senior Member of the American Society for Aeronautics and Astronautics.
Recently invited to join the Certification and Examinations Committee of the British Society for Strain Measurements. Consultant for Oxford Magnets, Oxford Instruments and Oxford Engineering superconductivity magnet companies. Consulted by the Solid Mechanics Group of the University of Oxford for high strain rate testing.
Served as Operating Agent for the International Energy Agency Solar Heating & Cooling Programme Task 18 Advanced Glazing Materials. Associate Editor (Optical Properties) for Solar Energy Journal and member of the Editorial Boards of 2 journals. Responsible for the Secretariat of the UK national section of the International Solar Energy Society. Published more than 130 papers. Technical Chair of Window Innovations 95, Canada, and WREC 2000 (Materials), UK, and member of the technical committees for the International Meeting on Electrochromics (IME3, Imperial College) and ISES EuroSun 98. Manager of the Surface Coatings Testing Service which offers a range of measurement and consultancy services to UK industries. Member of the International Commission on Glass technical committee TC10 "Optical Properties" and of the EPSRC Peer Review College.
Recipient of CIRIA Maunsell Fellowship resulting in CIRIA Report 46 [Hutchinson 1]. Senior Member of RILEM with Technical Committee membership, and UK representative on EC COST E13 Action on Wood Adhesion and Glued Products. Member of various research project steering groups for external bodies including TRADA Technology Ltd, BRE (National Group for Composites in Construction), CIRIA, Concrete Society CWCT, IStructE and DETR. Referee for papers submitted to 2 journals and for research proposals submitted to EPSRC. Invited speaker at conferences in Europe, USA and Singapore. He has published over 70 papers including authorship/co-authorship of 3 books.
Has acted as a consultant for Transense Technologies Plc, Marconi Caswell and Cranfield University.
Invited speaker at many conferences (eg Fuel Cells 2000 in Lucerne, Switzerland, F-Cells Week, London), IEE meetings, and postgraduate Oxford University courses. Recently invited to write a paper for the Royal Academy of Engineering Journal. Participated in a notable "netcast" from the Royal Institution with the TV presenter Adam Hart-Davis on fuel cells. His book "Fuel Cell Systems Explained" has for several months in succession been the best selling book on fuel cells.
Actively involved with a Teaching Company Scheme with Pulse Technology and has just secured funding for a further Scheme. Member of IEE Electronics Division, Professional Group E10 Circuits & Systems since 1991. Organiser and Chair of all of the IEE's biennial one-day colloquia on 'Analogue Signal Processing' held in Oxford since 1992. Member of the EPSRC College on Electronics and is an Editorial Board member of 1 journal. He is also a referee for papers submitted to 3 journals.
Referee for 3 journals. He has acted as a grant application referee for Action Research, Wellcome Trust and EPSRC. He sits on the Steering Committee establishing a multi-centre clinical EIT trial.
Organised and chaired a conference on 'Race Car Engineering' with the support of the UK section of the SAE in April 1998. Referee for papers submitted to IMechE Proceedings: Section D (Journal of Automobile Engineering), and member of the IMechE Automobile Division Board, and the Society of Automotive Engineers UK section Governing Board. She is a member of the Faraday Steering Committee for the recently approved Partnership in Automotive and Aerospace Materials.
Recently invited to act as the IT strategy advisor for Iballs Media. He consults for Dyonyx of USA, an IT outsourcing company, and is a non-executive director of Clicktel Information. He was invited to give a lecture to a group of Georgia Tech University biomedical engineers attending a medical engineering conference organised by University of Oxford.

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