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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

was Visiting Professor in Planning, Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia (1996); and International External Reviewer of courses and research at the Planning Department of the University of Auckland (2000); Therivel was Visiting Fellow at the Institut fur Technologiefolgen- Abschatzung, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna (1996); Goodey has been Visiting Professor at the School of Planning and Architecture at the University of Delhi, India (2000); Gold is Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the School of Geography at the University of Birmingham (1998-date). Oxford Brookes professorships were conferred on Butina Watson, Gold, Therivel and Ward.
Gold received the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) Prize 1998 for the 'Best Article in a Journal or Collection of Papers Published in Europe, by an Author Researching in Planning in Europe' during 1998-99. The paper, 'Creating the Charter of Athens: CIAM and the Functional City, 1933-43', was published in volume 68 of Town Planning Review. The citation of the Prize Panel noted: "this paper provides a historical analysis of a key document in twentieth century Architecture and Planning in Europe. It … is grounded very thoroughly in primary documents and in the conceptual issues at stake, and throws a fascinating light on the different conceptions of urban planning being developed in the 1920s and 1930s. It is well written and structured, and constitutes a valuable contribution to knowledge." In addition, for the AESOP Prize 1997, Marshall was highly commended for his paper in Town Planning Review entitled 'Futures, foresight and forward looks: reflections on the use of prospective thinking for transport and planning strategies'. Gold was awarded a special commendation in the competition for the Wesley Dougill Prize for his paper on 'The MARS Plan for London, 1933-1942' also in Town Planning Review.

The School has many funded international research links, including:
· DfID research programmes with: Thailand (eco-tourism and community development); Palestine (urban planning and design); and Brazil (urban and environmental management).
· UK Know-How research projects with: Slovakia (environmental capacity building) with School of Public Policy (Birmingham); Slovakia (rural tourism); and Slovenia (environmental policy implementation and EIA).
· British Council and EC academic collaborative programmes with: Egypt (in particular); Slovenia (ALIS Link Programme); Bulgaria; Romania; Mexico; and several countries in Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile) including EC ALFA programme, with the Universities of Delft, Hamburg and Venice.
· ESRC research programmes: including Simmie's work in the Cities, Competitiveness and Cohesion programme which involves collaborative work with academics in universities in Germany, Italy and France.
· Lincoln Institute (US): Simmonds major study of the Global City and its Emerging Forms, with Hack (MIT/Penn) and collaborators in many other countries worldwide.
· Canadian High Commission: projects on British and US influences on Canadian Planning; and on Reducing Car Based Travel to Work.
The School regularly hosts major international conferences bringing high profile visitors to Brookes. Recent events include: Sustainable Cities and Developing Countries (2000) (convenor Zetter); Urban Design (1998) (convenor Butina-Watson); Planning Theory (1998) (convenors Thomas and Darke R). Gold organised a two day symposium session on 'Landscapes of Defence' at the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers in Pittsburgh (2000); Marshall has run a seminar series on Regional Planning and Governance in the English Regions, supported by an ESRC Research Seminar Series award (1999-2000). Elsom was a member of the Organising Committee for the London Conference (1998) on 'Clean Air for Europe; the New European Framework for Air Quality - Implications for National and Local Action', sponsored by the EC, DETR, the Eurocities Consortium and the National Society for Clean Air. Marshall organised a Conference on Environmental Management at the Regional and Local Level on behalf of the Planning and Environmental Research Group of the RGS-IBG in Barcelona (1997); Simmonds organised a conference on Infrastructure in the Global City Region for his Lincoln Institute study in Madrid (1998).

is Chair of the Planning and Environment Subject Panel of ESRC (2000-date). Glasson is a member of the current RAE Panel for Planning (2000-2001), and was also a member of the RAE Panel for Planning in 1992 and 1996; he is also a member of the ESRC Training Board (1998-2002), the ESRC Case and ESRC/NERC PhD Studentship Panels (1998-date) and the ESRC Research and Masters Programme Panel (1997-2000). Elson is Senior Assessor for the ESRC Studentship Competition in Planning (2000-2003). Elsom is a member of the Panel of External Research Advisors to the DETR Safety and Environment Directorate (1999-2001). Goodey is Chair of the Technical Co-operation and Consultancy Working Group of the Directorate of Culture and Cultural Heritage at the Council of Europe. Zetter is an expert advisor to the British Council for urban planning, refugee and humanitarian studies and is a trustee of the Foundation for Urban and Regional Studies Ltd. Gold is a Member of the National Advisory Committee of the CTI Centre for Geography at the University of Leicester. Over the RAE period, staff in the School have been PhD External Examiners for almost 40 students mainly in the UK but also international, including Australia, Hong Kong, Sweden.

is series editor for the Routledge Environment and Society: Introduction to the Environment series. Glasson is editor of the Natural and Built Environment series of books, published by Taylor and Francis. Zetter is the founding editor of the Journal of Refugee Studies. Goodey is a member of the editorial boards of the International Journal of Heritage Studies and of Landscape Research. Wilson is a member of the editorial board of European Planning. Glasson is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Environmental Assessment, Policy and Management, the Journal of Environmental Planning and Management and the Australian Planner. Elsom is a member of the editorial board of Traffic Engineering and Control. Pepper is a UK member of the editorial board of the journal Capitalism, Nature, Socialism. Zetter is a member of the editorial board of Refugee Studies Quarterly, a publication of UNHCR. Brownill is on the editorial board of Policy and Politics. Clarke is on the editorial board of the Journal of Vacation Marketing. Ward is reviews editor of the journal Planning Perspectives and will take over as the journal editor from 2002. Butina-Watson is reviews editor of Urban Design International. Reeve is joint editor of the Newsletter of the Association of European Schools of Planning.

is a Member of the Policy Council of the Town and Country Planning Association (1999-date); Glasson is a member of the RTPI's Environment Planning and Protection Panel (1999-date); R Darke is a member of the RTPI's Management Development Panel (1999-date), the RTPI Think Tank on the Future of Planning (2001-01), and the Steering Group of the New Local Government Network. J Darke is a member of the Committee of the Housing Studies Association. Headicar is a member of the Policy Committee of the Council for the Protection of Rural England and Therivel is a founder member of Sustainability First. Ward is President of the International Planning History Society. Elson is a member of the Regional Fisheries, Ecology and Recreation Advisory Committee of the Environment Agency (Thames Region) (1998-date) and also of the Regional Sports Board for the South East (2000-date). Headicar is a member of the Advisory Committee on the Greater London Spatial Strategy, being prepared by the Mayor of London. Therivel was a member of SERPLAN's Sustainable Development Working Party (1996-8). Glasson is Chair of the Sustainable Development Working Group of the Oxfordshire Economic Partnership (1999-date) and an alternate on the Planning Committee of the South East England Regional Assembly. Zetter is a member of the peer review group for research funded by the Overseas Development Institute.

There is a wide variety of examples here. They include the influence of the DETR funded work of Glasson and his team on developing thresholds in Environmental Impact Analysis for the new EIA Regulations published in 2000; the work of Elson and his team on the Effectiveness of Planning Policy Guidance on Sport and Recreation, which has fed into the revised PPG 17 (2000); together with work by the same team on Planning Obligations and Future Considerations, leading to a Consultation Paper on Planning Obligations, due in mid 2001. Evidence was given by Brownill and McInroy to the House of Commons Public Administration Committee on public participation in urban regeneration.
Other influential research includes work on mediation and planning decisions, presented by Stubbs to the Planning Inspectorate at their annual training week in 1997; the use made by the Nolan Committee of evidence from the RTPI funded Study of Councillors' Roles in the Planning Process, carried out by Zetter and R Darke; and work by Therivel to pioneer developments in Strategic Environmental Assessment through work with the DETR and the Department of the Environment, Northern Ireland.
Other influential work includes advice and evidence from Elson's study of Rural Development and Land Use Planning Policies to the Cabinet Office Performance and Innovation Unit study of Rural Economies. This work has also been used by DETR and MAFF in the initial discussion paper published by the Government on the Rural White Paper, and in structuring the planning aspects of the Rural White Paper. Therivel's work on Critical Environmental Capital for the Countryside Agency has significantly advanced current practice, as has work by Elson and Walker on countryside benefits and planning obligations for the Countryside Agency (1999), and on sport and recreation provisions in connection with new housing for Sport England (2000).
Key invited conference papers include those by Gold on heritage and cultural issues to the Association of American Geographers Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, USA (2000), and to the Association of Finnish Geographers at their Annual Conference in Turku, Finland in 1997; and by Brownill on waterfront regeneration at a Conference in Hamburg, sponsored by the Anglo-German Foundation. Glasson and Therivel gave the two keynote addresses at the British Council's 50th Anniversary Conference in 1997, in Adelaide, on 'EIA for the 21st Century'. Wilson gave a keynote paper on 'Planning and Uncertainty' to the Joint ISOCARP/Japanese Planning Association World Planning Congress in Ogaki, Japan in 1997, and a paper on 'Integrating Environment and Land Use' to a Conference on Planning Education in the 21st Century in Cairo, Egypt (1999). Zetter gave keynote papers on 'Recovery and Development after Conflict' to an international Conference at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim (2000) and on 'Asylum Seekers and Refugees in the UK' at the Hellenic Centre for European Studies, Athens (1998). Elson has delivered a paper on 'Urban Growth Management' to an EU INTERREG 11c funded Conference on 'Metropolitan Fringes in North West Europe' (2000).
Therivel was keynote speaker at the Francophile Meeting of the International Association for Impact Assessment in Paris (2000) and was UK Representative at the European Commission Fourth European Workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment in Potsdam, Poland (1997). Butina-Watson was invited Plenary Presenter at a Conference on 'Housing in the 21st Century' organised by the Singapore Housing and Urban Development Board in Singapore (2000). Elsom gave the keynote address at the China-EU 'Air Quality Management' Workshop in Beijing 1999, in conjunction with the publication of his book on air quality in Chinese. The meeting was organised by the Chinese State Environmental Protection Agency and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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