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Five Category C staff make significant contributions to the research effort in the Centre. Radley was a part-time research student at Portsmouth who is now employed as assistant curator (geology) at Warwick Museum. He has conducted all of his post-doctoral research in the Centre because of his close links with Barker in the Palaeobiology Research Group and the close proximity to the Wealden and Purbeck Group rocks which have been the major focus of his research. Steele was a Portsmouth PhD student who has worked on numerous short contracts with the NASA astrobiology program based in the microbiology laboratories at Portsmouth working with Beech and Martill. US government funding arrangements precluded his funding being directed through normal University channels. He leaves in September 2001 to take a post as staff scientist at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. Chamberlain, Fisher and Molitoris have chosen to work in Portsmouth with well-established researchers in algal and fungal taxonomy. Chamberlain bases her studies on the taxonomy of coralline algae at the Marine Science Laboratories and conducts wide-ranging fieldwork, particularly in French Polynesia and South Africa. Fisher’s work on aquatic and terrestrial microfungi is carried out in Moss’s laboratory. Molitoris is Emeritus Professor at the University of Regensburg and spends 0.3 of his time working in the Centre with Moss on the degradation of bacterial biopolymers by fungi and bacteria in extreme saline environments.

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