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RA6a: Additional observations, Evidence of esteem

Diet and Health

Members of the group (Chaplin, Davies, Hill & Blackwood) have acted as referees for numerous journals including Enzyme Microb. Technol., J. Chromatogr., J. Roy. Soc. Health, Analyst, Biophys. Chem., Food Science and Nutrition Research Reviews.

Prof Davies

· Member of Council The Royal Society for the Promotion of Health (1996-present).
· Invited speaker – Dietary fibre and health Reckitt & Colman sponsored lecture tour Tuen Mun Hospital in Hong Kong, Ramathibody Hospital in Bangkok, General Hospital in Kuala Lumpur (1996); The nutritionists view of fibre Expert Meeting published in The Right Fibre for the Right Disease, pp 43-50 (M Hill Ed.) London: Royal Society of Medicine (1999).
· Author of 2 major reviews by invitation: Nutrition Research Reviews Bowel function, food intake and the menstrual cycle 9 pp 111-134 (1996) and Dietary triggers in irritable bowel syndrome 11 pp 279-309 (1998).
· Author of chapters by invitation to 2 books Nutritional value of flour confectionery in The Technology of Cake Making, 6th Ed pp 353-357 (A J Bent Editor) London: Blackie Academic & Professional (1997) and The effects of stress on food choice in The Nations Diet, pp 29-42 (A Murcott Editor) Harlow: Addison-Wesley Longman (1999).
· Honorary Editor of the Journal for the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health (1996-present).

Prof Chaplin

· Externally invited lecturer (Hull 1999; Bristol and Cambridge 2000) concerning water and its interactions with hydrocolloids.
· Author of four papers on the biochemical action of dietary fibre (e.g. J. Royal Soc. Health., 118 (1998), 53-61 and the 2000 paper submitted under Blackwood).
· Invited speaker at international Expert Meeting (The Right Fibre for the Right Disease, 1999) on dietary fibre (Int. Congress Symp. Ser. 256, Royal Society of Medicine Press, pp 11 – 16)
· Molecular modelling skills used in a collaboration on a continuing project concerning the modelling of molecules in silicalite (Chem. Phys. Lett., 307 (1999) 413 – 418, Chem. Phys. Lett., 318 (2000) 319-324).
· Carbohydrate Analysis expert contributing to a number of texts and Editor for IRL "Practical Approach" CD-ROM (1996).
· Section Editor (Carbohydrate analysis) and contributor in the 15 volume ‘Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry’ (Wiley, 2000); one of only two British-based section editors out of 43 world-wide.

Prof Hill

· Awarded The Vahouny Medal for the year 2000 for distinction in research in dietary fibre, and The Heinz Wattie Prize (1999, lectures given in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, NZ).
· Assessor of grant applications for WCRF (1997 & 1998), Dutch Cancer Society (1998 & 2000), NHS Executive (SW) (1999), Food Standards Agency (2001).
· Special adviser to Norwegian Cancer Society and Norwegian Dept of Health, 2000-present.
· Member of three-man team that carried out the quadrennial review of the Institute of Pathology and Immunology of Porto (IPATIMUP) in 1997. The review was carried out for the organisation that provides the baseline funding for the Institute (which includes the Guggenheim Foundation, the Portuguese Cancer League, and the Portuguese-American Friendship Organisation).
· Editor of European Journal of Cancer Prevention and Nutrition and Disease Update.
· Member of Editorial boards of Eur J Oncology; Eur J Cancer; The Anaerobe 1998-2000; J Intl Soc Env Medicine; Asian Pacific J Cancer Prevention
· Edited: "The right fibre for the right disease“. RSM Press, International Congress and Symposium Series no 256. 1998.
· Chairman, European Cancer Prevention Organization. 1991 to present
· Averaged over 12 invitations per year to chair and present at International conferences on diet and cancer, including the 6th Valhouny International Symposium on Dietary Fibre in Washington in 2000, the Sapporo Cancer Foundation Symposium on Gene-environment Interactions and Cancer Prevention in Japan in 2000 and the UEGW 1999 Symposium in Rome.

Dr Blackwood

· Invited speaker at the Sixth Bowel Research Conference sponsored by Reckitt Benckiser, to be held at South Bank University in April 2001.
· Presented posters at RSC Carbohydrate Group’s Spring Meeting at the IFR Norwich in 2000 and at ICC/AOAC International Conference on Dietary Fibre in Dublin, 2001.

Food Microbiology

Members of the group (Roller, Sharp, Murray & Kisko) have acted as referees for numerous journals including: J. Appl. Microbiol., Letts. Appl. Microbiol., FEMS Microbiol. Letts., FEMS Biochem. Letts, Intl. J. Food Science Technol. and J. Chem. Technol. Biotechnol.

Prof Roller

· Research proposal evaluator for European Commission (2000), Danish Research Councils (2000 and 1998), Wageningen Centre for Food Sciences (1999) and the UK Economic and Social Research Council (2001).
· Council Member and Vice-President of the IFST, UK
· Invited lecturer on natural antimicrobials and microbial physiology at numerous national and international conferences, notably Keynote Lecture at the 17th International Conference of the ICFMH) Food Microbiology and Food Safety into the Next Millennium, Veldhoven, Netherlands (1999), COST Conference at University of Bologna, Italy (1997), and COST/COPERNICUS Conference at Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium (1997).
· Distinguished Lecturer Award (for lectures including natural antimicrobials) from Institute of Food Technology (USA), 3-year term from 2001.
· Invited contributor on Naturally Occurring Antimicrobial Systems (co-authored with R. Board) in the 2nd Edition of Food Preservatives, edited by N. Russell & G. Gould.
· Member of the Editorial Board of Food Biotechnology and Food Technology and Biotechnology

Dr Sharp

· Invited speaker on the microbial ecology of gut bacteria at International Anaerobe Conference (Manchester, July 2000) and Rumen Function Conference (Chicago, 1996).
· Presented papers at several international conferences including ASM Biofilm Conference, Utah, USA, 1997; ASM Gut Microbiology Conference, Florida, 1997.
· Previously part of a research group awarded a research rating of 5 by the Medical Research Council five-year review process. Gut Microbiology Group, Dunn Clinical Nutrition Centre, Cambridge.
· Four papers and five book chapters accepted for publication (in addition to those in RA 1), including a key paper on "Age and disease-related changes in intestinal bacterial populations assessed by cell culture, 16S rRNA abundance and community cellular fatty acid profiles“ in Gut (Feb 2001).

Dr Murray

· Held two prestigious fellowships prior to joining South Bank University. For 2 years, he was Research Fellow (funded by the Science and Technology Agency Japan and the Royal Society) at the National Institute of Bioscience and Human Technology (NIBHT) in Japan where he investigated the dynamics of yeast growth in continuous culture. He then held a Royal Society/STA Return Fellowship for one year in Prof. Lloyd’s laboratory at Cardiff University where he developed his ideas on the ultradian clock in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
· Postdoctoral work has resulted in 6 publications, several of which are in highly-rated journals such as FEBS Letters, Microbiology and Yeast. Also published a web-based paper (Bioresearch On-Line) with Dr Klevecz, Cellular Dynamics, Beckman Institute, California.
· Invited by the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology Japan in Spring 2000 to give lectures, consult and carry out research at the NIBHT for one month.

Dr Kisko, Marie Curie Research Fellow

· Awarded with Distinction (Summa cum Laude) for her PhD work in 1998
· Presented numerous papers on rapid methods for detection of fungi in spices at both national and international conferences
· Member of Food Microbiology Working Group of the Committee of Food Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

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